The family

Thought I’d introduce you to me,my husband and the kids a bit more via some lovely photo’s.We are me-Nicki,hubby is Leck,then there’s Jack-11,loves computer games,chess,junk food and chicken.Amy is 8,she loves make-up,pink things,icarly,Hannah Montana,clothes and shoes and sports.Faith is nearly 4,she loves preschool,her friends,her family,drawing,food in general,Peppa Pig,Dora the explorer,the film Bolt and the colours Pink and Purple.Dylan has just turned 2,he is obsessed with cars and Buzz Lightyear and his daddy,he loves eating fruit and Roast dinners.Ethan was born on Christmas Eve 2010,he likes milk,did like food until he started teething,loves cuddles from mummy and fuss off of anybody,he loves noise and dislikes it when it’s too quiet.


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