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Hello everyone,I hope you are enjoying the blog.I’d like to touch upon a subject that seems to divide the comping community and I’d love to hear from people both for and against them.I have participated in a couple recently but wish I hadn’t as the negative comments have started.I would prefer competitions which didnt include any voting or liking element at all but if there is a good one I will participate if I can be bothered.My opinion is that its a case of each to their own-I rarely win voting comps but am happy to help my comping buddies.Please share you’re own thoughts with me.


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  1. Gemma Harrison
    May 23, 2011 @ 15:50:03

    I dislike voting and have only done a couple myself, both times I entered to win specialist items and my entries took some effort however very few people backed me and a few people deleted me as a friend (even though I had been friends for months without asking for anything). I think people shouldn’t PM for votes (although I always vote when they do) but post them on the wall, however I also think when looking down the news feeds you should vote for the people who are asking, I always do, I know you are gonna miss some but if posted a couple of times a day most people will see them. I don’t like them but as long as voting comps are still going on I am more than happy to vote for a fellow comper to help them win.


  2. Tracy Nixon
    May 23, 2011 @ 16:08:52

    I do not particularly like voting competitions so do not enter them and nor do I vote in them. Some people push too far – ie when every other post in your newsfeed is by the same person saying ‘please vote for me, please vote for me!’ That is annoying!!! And those people are usually the people who have time to sit at the computer all day – maybe because they aren’t working, cannot work or do not have a family. (And I am not saying that all voting comp applicants are like that – but certainly a lot of them are!). I also dislike being messaged by a person I haven’t really spoken to or don’t really know – asking me to vote for them. Fair enough, if I know the person, or they message me just for a chat every now and again, but it annoys me when people who only befriend me or contact me in order to get me to vote for them.

    For others, like myself, who either work or have a family to tend to – we are disadvantaged because we simply do not have the time to hound people for votes (and I am not the sort of person to ask or beg anyway), and therefore the same people win. In my opinion voting comps are unfair. I like competitions where I put in my entry and if I am lucky then great and if I am not then fair enough. It takes the fun out of comping when it gets to competitive!

    I like comping as a hobby and not as an obsession xxx


    May 23, 2011 @ 16:41:13

    I don’t mind voting for other people, but will not go in for them myself.
    Voting competitions are unfair as usually the best entry doesn’t win, just the one who has the most “friends” or who trade votes!
    I really don’t like all the bitching that goes on and though i love winning things i don’t think it’s worth it even if it’s an ipad !

    So if i had to vote on it , i would say no to voting competitions lol xx


  4. nickimumof5
    May 23, 2011 @ 16:56:35

    Thanks for all of your comments.I think I’ll probably give them a miss,really not worth the hassle or negativity they create.I personally am a stay at home mum of 5 who is also an obsessive comper.I love winning competitions but hate bad feeling.I have a few comping buddies that are a big part of my life now,others I speak to ocasionally,some not at all.I like helping my friends win things and will continue to help others but believe I was wrong to restart entering voting comps-I dont have the time and dont like upsetting people.They are an unfair way of choosing prize winners,random draws are fairer-maybe a referal of a set ammount to keep the viral aspect???? I’d love to get some feedback from Facebook companies.


  5. Tracy Nixon
    May 23, 2011 @ 17:07:10

    yes, I agree with you both – voting comps cause resentment and bitchiness – if you don’t enter them and don’t vote for people in them then you don’t have to get involved in cat fighting !!! That’s my motto!!!


  6. gavrc
    May 23, 2011 @ 17:40:27

    I think there is a place for them if run correctly. By that I mean the competitors produce and entry by some dint of effort (eg a photo, a story, a poem, whatever) then everyone else can genuinely vote for what they think is the best one. Voting for a random wall post or referral codes I think are are pointless and encourage cheating and agressive vote requests.
    For fairness, competitions should be either be “answer a question”, “enter your details” or “submit a product of effort to be judged by the competition host”.
    That’s my 10cents. 🙂


  7. nikki reynolds
    May 23, 2011 @ 20:44:00

    I think it all depends I have entered a few as you know. Some i wished i never entered and others were really positive experiences and gained friends through them. My most positive experience was actually one you were also in. The babasling one, a lot of people got behind me as they knew my buggy had broken and I was with out one and with a then 18month old it wasnt much fun for me lol. I felt like I gained a lot of comping friends through that yourself included.
    My negative experience was the paypal comp, people were actively exchanging 10+ votes which is some thing i dont agree with at all and no one stood a chance. I got accused of cheating (even though i hadnt) and I got some very nasty messages (I ended up in 8th place and it was top 3 wins).
    If I enter a voting/ referral competition now I only enter quick ones that will be over quickly (such as 1st person to invite 10 people etc – although if i sign up through a friend i wont then go on to try and beat them) I have entered the seabrook competition and am currently high on the referral leaderboard – I had shared the lead up to the competition on a facebook page of mine and so i followed on my previous posts with a link – I am hoping like many they will change it to a random draw – if it continues as voting I certainly wont be spending the next 8 weeks of my life getting referals!!


  8. Sarah Louise Forrester
    May 23, 2011 @ 21:07:13

    I dont like voting comps…. I am happy to vote for anyone who does really want to win…but for me they make a mockery of a good competition. There is no skill or luck involved in asking people to “like” or vote….its quite simple…if you have few friends you wont win…if you are not pushy …you wont win – I really enjoy caption or tiebreaker comps as they make you think. So my vote – NO to voting comps !


  9. nickimumof5
    May 23, 2011 @ 21:14:42

    Thanks to everyone for their comments on this subject,I hope there will be more as I ‘m enjoying reading all the posts.I think comping is very personal,everyone seems to have different ways of doing things.I still have very mixed feelings about voting comps but feel I am better off without the stress they cause.I have made some incredible comping friends through voting comps too as you mention nikki and wouldnt change that for anything.x


    May 23, 2011 @ 21:53:33

    I really don’t like voting comps and not only because I don’t stand a chance of winning but I think they bring out the very worst in some people. I’ve had a couple of rude comments regarding a liking comp which has really opened my eyes to how competative people can be over a relatively small prize, I couldn’t be rude to smeone to try to win something big let alone something small. I have also deleted people from my friends list in the past for being too pushy asking for votes, I have no problem with people posting on their wall asking for votes or messaging me here and there with a request as I will always try to help but I don’t like begging or badgering.

    In short I think voting/liking comps should be done away with altogether in favour of random pick or judged by the promoter. Less room for bad feeling and negativity in the wonderful world of comping 🙂


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