What type of competitions do you prefer?

I personally get to the point where I want a fun comp that is both a challenge and unique.What type of competitions does everyone else prefer? Which methods do people use? MSE,Loqux,UK competitions.I mainly use MSE as I find it easier to use,its what I know best.I like competitions where I give my opinion on a topic,have won a couple this way.As you will see from my blog,I like to chat about many different topics and always give my honest opinion.I was given given a lovely Video camera for Christmas from my fantastic husband and would like to start creating videos for competitions but still need practice. I recently took part in my first radio competition,it was a really fun experience and I’d definitely try again given the opportunity.My latest venture has been to apply for Simon Cowells’ new game show Red and Black which will be presented by Ant and Dec.Will let you know if I get anywhere.I really enjoy blog comps at the moment.I get bored with Twitter very quickly.


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  1. dahliadd
    May 23, 2011 @ 21:48:51

    Best of luck to you Nicola!

    I enjoy entering sweeps but prefer the really simple ones…the IWG (instant win games) are fun and I have been entering a few more blog sweeps as well.
    I have a recent post on my latest wins.


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