Hello everyone

I’ve had a busy couple days with the children.Didn’t feel like I stopped today.My 2 year old son Dylan has decided he doesn’t want to go in the double buggy anymore.I end up with a bit of a fight in my hands when I leave for the preschool run in the morning but he’s usually happy when I let him walk home using the wrist strap.None of my children have taken to reigns but have been a lot better with the wrist strap-I think they feel less restricted.I have decided to let Dylan walk as much as possible when time allows.He is obsessed with cars,trains,motorbikes and Buzz Lightyear at the moment so everyday and every journey is a huge adventure for him.We managed to cross our local set of train gates today before the train came so I thought we’d get home quicker,but no.Dylan made me wait to see the train.Every day he seems to discovers a new word at the moment and he is understanding more about the world around him each day.

One of the best things I find about being a parent is seeing your tiny,helpless little person become more independent and develop their own personalities.I feel very priviliged to be part of this process.One of my favourite sayings that I’ve heard is that you hold you’re children’s hand for a while but their hearts forever.It makes me think of how short the time we have to guide them is.My eldest,Jack will start Secondary school in September and as much as I know he is ready for this step I can’t help but worry as I wont be able to shield and protect him quite so much.I hated secondary school-I love learning but children can be cruel and will find any difference or weakness and use it against you.

My almost 4 year old daughter,Faith starts infant school in September too.It’s going to be a time of lots of changes in our house.I think I’m more nervous than the children.We live in a lovely village where everyone knows everyone else,some people hate this but it makes me feel reassured and safe.I grew up in a town a bit bigger which didn’t have any of the community spirit I feel our village has.


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  1. mummymummymum
    May 26, 2011 @ 09:21:25

    Hello! Lovely blog 🙂

    My oldest starts infant school in September. I think its scarier for me more than him! I can’t imagine how it must feel to have a child starting secondary school!

    The saying about holding their hearts forever is lovely.

    Look forward to reading more of your blog. Are you on twitter?



    • nickimumof5
      May 28, 2011 @ 21:58:31

      Hi,Yes I’m on twitter as @n76seary but mainly use that for entering competitions,thinking about setting up a Facebook group or page for the blog and a twitter account to link to the blog,only been going 6 days and am learning so much already,getting there.Glad you are enjoying the blog so far.


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