Starting infant school

My daughter is due to start Big school (infants) in September,my concern is that she will be constantlyexhausted.Currently she attends preschool for 4 days and does 15 hours.On Monday she goes for the morning session,which starts at 9am and stays for her lunch and I pick her up at 12.30.On Tuesday she stays all day,9am-3pm,Wednesday is a morning session 9am-12pm and Thursday she has an afternoon session,12.30-3.After every session she is exhausted,although she isnt always napping now which is good. I have decided to stagger her start to full-time education over 9 weeks,(which was the suggestion from the headmaster) before she starts full time.I did have the option to enter her fulltime from the 2nd week in September,I’m not ready for this,let alone her.I strongly believe that a staggered start of Faiths school life will be what is best for her individually.My elder 2 children had Autumn/Winter Birthdays and I would have been happy for them to go full time quicker than they did as they were a lot older than Faith will be when they started school.I am curious as to what the options are around the country or in other parts of the world.I know that Year R,Reception class is mainly about playing and getting used to the school routine but 6 hours is still a long day for a 4 year old in my opinion.


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  1. sarahmumof3
    May 29, 2011 @ 11:51:35

    my youngests is starting full time in september too, and as we’ve recently moved house I’m not sure of what they do in terms of easing them into school here, I need to go to the school after the half term and find out… think I’m just in denile about it all… as you say 4 seems so very young to be goign out to school 😦


    • nickimumof5
      May 29, 2011 @ 13:24:28

      Our local school is great,2 of mine have already been through there and loved every second.If I were in your situation I’d just pop in and say hi and introduce yourself and ask if they have already had the new entrants meeting.If they have done already they should have some information for you.Most school’s now have websites-they might have some information there,always worth a try.My daughter will be 4 in mid June and I do have more concerns than with my older 2,they were both close to 5 when they started and very ready for school.My daughter still has naps after preschool although this does seem to be gradually lessening.Let me know how you get on.xxxx


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