Teething solutions

My youngest son Ethan has recently cut his first tooth at just 5 months old.After a grumpy few weeks he seems relieved,however I can see a second tooth under the gum right next to his tiny,shiny new tooth.I just wonder which products people have found work best for them.With my eldest I used bickipegs,teething granules and teething gel,all which helped a bit but seemed to lack the magic solution I had hoped for.My 8 and almost 4 year old daughters didnt seem to suffer badly with teething and didnt need teething related products.My 2 year old son on the other hand had an awful time and we had many sleepless nights and unsettled days,the pattern seems to be repeating itself with Ethan.So far we have used teething gels and teething granules and I am willing to try anything to find a product that will ease his pain.I do find teething granules settle them but I dont find the effect lasts for long,the same goes for teething gels.Currently he is sleeping at night but this varies.I have definately found my boys to have more problems cutting teeth than my girls.What have you all tried?


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  1. Danielle Parker
    May 31, 2011 @ 18:00:42

    Teething Bling! Its been a god send in this house with Marky having his molars coming through! Also a mixture of calpol and nurofen seems to help too! Hope you find something that works for little’un xx


    • nickimumof5
      May 31, 2011 @ 23:29:58

      I am currently trialing Teethting Bling ready for my first review-Ethan is only 5 months old and is cutting teeth 1 after another,have resorted to Calpol and Cuprofen(like nuofen) tonight to ease his pain.At the moment a mixture of products seem to help depending on how he seems.Am curious as to whether Teething Bling can be put in the fridge then used,I have previously used teething rings which work this way.Did you find your boys struggled more than girls with teething?


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