Car boot sales

Tommorow morning I am quite looking forward to going to our local Car Boot Sale with my brood.We havent been to one yet this year so we are looking forward to it.The agreement is that we will all eat well before we go and take drinks and crisps with us as otherwise snacks end up costing us a fortune and we will have no money to buy much when we are there-this happened on a recent day out at a local fundraising event,we spent so much on food and drinks that we couldnt do everything we had hoped.I am always on the lookout for good quality toys,books and clothes whether its from a bootsale,ebay or charity shop.The boot-sale is small but within walking distance,it’s only on for a few months over the Summer,every 2 weeks on a Saturday this year.I am hoping to find some nice bargains whilst I’m there,I love a good bargain or 10.My husband is currently working at weekends which we all find difficult,Sunday aren’t quite so bad as he’s home before they go to bed. What is everyone’s best bootsale bargain? Mine was probably a Double buggy for a fiver a couple years ago.


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