Nightmares and night terrors

At one time or another everyone experiences nightmares.My children get them if they overheat or watch something that plays on there minds,Sharks were a popular theme after watching Shark Men.My eldest son suffered with night terrors from about the age of 2-these are quite traumatic for both the parents and the child as it can often take a long time to reassure and settle the child as they are not fully conscious.We have found listening to calm music have helped settle our children after a night mare.I am curious as to what age children start dreaming.Is it from birth? If so what do they dream of. I personally experienced a terrifying recurring dream as a child which only stopped after I left school.I got it if I felt anxious about something.I wont bore you with too many details but it was almost like a fairytale gone wrong,with a horse,bright background and a dark tower.I always woke as I was shut in the tower.My 4 year old experienced nightmares after watching Aliens in the Attic,this surprised me as I enjoyed the film,it just goes to show active children’s imaginations can be.


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