Our bootsale bargains

After a morning of arguments between the oldest 2 kids we finally got to the bootsale at about 11am.As agreed they all ate before we left and we took a few snacks and drinks with us.When we got their,at first glance it looked a bit disapointing but there were at least 30 cars,enough to have a nosy around and find a few bargains.My girls love make-up at the moment and I will only but them items that are girly and aimed at  young girls rather than teenagers.My beautiful redhead is really liking lipgloss at the moment.Today we spent £2.00 on make up and for that we got this little-lot: 4 eyeshadows,3 lipglosses,nail file,eyeshadow brush,2 nail varnished.For my eldest son I got a good bargain A No Fear hoody which was brand new with tags for a fiver and some Yu-gi-oh cards.My 2 year old son got lots of toy cars and a Buzz Lightyear bag and the baby got a door bouncer which only cost me £2.00.I got a Summer dress,skirt and pretty top for my 8 year old,a Waterproof coat for my very nearly 4 year old daughter and a pair of camouflage combags and a coat for my 2 year old son.For myself I got a much needed personal organiser for 50p-Am going to keep this in my handbag and take it everywhere and write down all apointments and events.My theory is that each pregnancy has made my memory even worse,so I was hoping to find a diary or organiser.All in all I did well and spent £25.00.We’ve got a few things planned over the next few weeks and the Bootsale is only on every fortnight so I’m not sure when we’ll get the chance to go again but I’m pleased with today’s bootsale bargains and look forward to next time.


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