Teething Bling

Lovely colour

I was excited to hear I was going to be sent a Teething Bling necklace  for my first review.I was immediately struck by what a great yet simple idea it was. When I received this through the post to review I was immediately impressed with how well it was presented. The necklace came in a lovely Organza draw string bag  with a business card and pen.  When I took it out however I was disappointed by the fastener ,I understand it’s purpose is to come apart easily,however I feel it lets the overall look of the product down a bit.  I loved the colour and shape of the Pendant and have worn it out of the house a couple of times.It is similar to jewellery I have worn in the past.My eldest son broke my favourite gold chain when he was little and as a result I haven’t often wore necklaces when I have had young children around..I had a couple strange looks when gave it to my baby to put in his mouth though. That is until I explained the purpose.

I have 5 children and over the years I have tried so many different teething products. My youngest son is 5 months old and during our trial period he cut his second bottom tooth.He had a good chew a couple of times but only if I held it for him,he showed more interest in the cord than the pendant initially.After a few times with mummy holding the pendant while he had a good gnaw,he got the hang of it and it did seem to offer immediate comfort.I love the fact that it can go in the dishwasher,was slightly concerned the colour might fade or come out onto other items-it didn’t though.I felt a different shape might make it easier for him to hold .They do sell bracelets to match which I am considering buying.The main benefit of the necklace is that you can wear something pretty and at the same time help your child cope with the pain often associated with teething.The downside was the fastener.The price is very reasonable for a multi-use product . Plenty of potential to expand a great idea.All in all I loved the product and have already recommended it to other mums in my area.I’d give the product 9/10.A great idea but still needs a little work to make it perfect.To find out more about Teething Bling check out their website at :http://www.smartmumuk.com/

This review is purely my own words and opinion.I have not been paid or influenced by anyone or told what to say.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nicci cowdell-murray
    Jun 02, 2011 @ 17:20:34

    congrats on completing your first review, you did well … i reviewed their bangle and was thrilled with it 🙂 xx


    • nickimumof5
      Jun 02, 2011 @ 17:43:23

      Thanks.Hopefully the first of many.Think I’ll be using it for a few months yet.Might have to get a bangle to match now you’ve recommended it.Been thinking about it.x


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