How on earth do I keep glasses on my two year old son?

Today I had a trip to the local eye unit to pick up my two year old son’s first pair of glasses.So far he has taken them off so many times that I’ve lost count.As advised I’m not getting annoyed or cross and don’t put them straight back onto him.I wait a few minutes then try again.It must feel strange for him to suddenly have these odd uncomfortable things put on his nose with strap-type things that go behind his ears.I have worn glasses since I was his age and had hoped my atrocious eyesight wouldnt be inherited,unfortunately so far 3 out of my 5 children have to wear glasses all the time and my eldest needs them for close -up work such as reading,watching television and using a computer. Whilst at the eye unit we also picked up my daughter’s new pair.She’s almost 4 and this is her 3rd new pair in about a year,she has broken each pair quickly.I’m not sure if the broken glasses are due to her disliking them or the fact that the glasses aren’t child-proof enough.The new pair she chose have flexible hinges,which,I am hoping will be better.How on earth am I supposed to keep glasses on a 2 year old? In my opinion the only thought I have is that when he chooses to wear his glasses he will,I just need to persevere and hope it happens sooner rather than later.The thing I am now dreading is he will,in a few months need a patch on his glasses.Think I need to get him watching Pirates of the Caribbean and hope for the best.


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  1. Donna Hunt
    Jun 08, 2011 @ 19:13:17

    My youngest son got his first glasses at 20 months, and won’t keep them on at all, He couldn’t get the ones with the grips that go around the ear as they were all too small for him and they couldn’t change the ones on the only glasses that did seem comfortable on him, have you tried sports straps? I bought one from eBay and it helped for him to keep his glasses on for a little longer. My eldest is the same with hers, and she’s 8!! she just prefers to chew on them, little miss fidget lol…But she said she sees better without them :O


  2. nickimumof5
    Jun 08, 2011 @ 20:11:12

    I keep persevering but longest he’s kept them on for is 5 minutes,He has the ones with ear grips,dont seem to be too tight,he just hates the way they feel.I think he realises he can see better with them on though. I purposely left my 2 daughters till they were a bit older,1 was 3 and the other was 5..My almost 4 year old has been without glasses for a couple months as she broke her 3rd pair just after new year.Think I might give the sports strap a try,worth a go.My 8 year old daughter wears glasses too and she got hers at 5 and is now fine with them.I got my first pair when I was 2.Thanks for the comment and suggestion.I know eventually he’ll get used to them,it will just take time.


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