Shopping for shoes,Bunk beds and room exchange.

Today has been a rather busy day for our family.This morning me and 4 of the kids went to the local city centre on the bus to get my,very nearly 4-year-old some new shoes.Hubby was working from 11-4 so it at least got us out of the house.I love bargains so 1 pair of shoes ended up turning,almost magically into 4 pairs,3  pairs being in the sale.Whilst in the city I bought hubby’s Father’s Day present-Call of Duty Black Ops.I’d planned on getting it for his Christmas present last year but he hadn’t wanted it then.After a succesful half an hour in 2 shops I decided to treat the kids to Macdonald’s for lunch.After lunch we decided to leg it for the next bus which was due in 20 minutes,a feat we accomplished easily with time to spare.Considering the trek to the bus stop involved pushing a double buggy,and 2 full up girls going pretty quickly across a retail park,through a multi storey car park and into a lift then through a supermarket before coming out the other side to our bus stop,I think we did very well.When we got home we had 2 sleeping boys which gave me the chance to pack some clothes into bin bags,take some books and nicknack’s downstairs and prepare for hubby’s return from work.We ordered bunk beds a couple of weeks ago which arrived on Friday and hubby is currently putting them together at this very moment.We have decided to swap our large room for a small room so the 3 boys will have more space,Also,my eldest will be starting Secondary school in September and as the younger boys are so young,he’ll get the chance to have a bit of time to himself and somewhere quiet to do homework.I’ve now seen the time and ordered takeaway.So far our day has been very busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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