Family fun day

Amy's flower face paint

Saturday 11th June was a local town’s family fun day.I missed it last year and was determined to take my brood this year.My dad picked us up in 2 lots as my husband is currently working at the weekends.I last went to this event when I was expecting my 8 year old daughter.The event is organised by local churches and is completely free.They have lots for children of all ages to see and do.When I got there my dad left me with the 2 younger boys and went to get the 2 girls and my step-mum.This gave me the chance for a brief wander about.We found a stall advertising a local community farm.A lady had 2 Giant snails in her hands,which my 2 year old son was fascinated by but wouldn’t touch.They had a Turkey out loose being closely monitored by a lady,a corn snake being handled for people to see touch or hold,they also had Stick Insects,a Corn Snake,A Bearded Dragon,Guinea pigs,Rabbits and Chickens.My 2 year old wasnt brave enough to touch anything but enjoyed looking at the animals nonetheless.That’s now a place we intent to visit over the Summer holidays.The event included free milkshakes,free Burgers,Tea and coffee and squash and was a fantastic way to get a community together.


After an hour or so it poured down with rain and we got drenched.It dampened our spirits for a while,then we found the soft play area.My 2 year old loves anything like this and had a great time climbing and rolling around with other toddlers.The 2 girls went off together and had fun being locked inside the back of a Police van and banging to be let out,as long as that’s the only time that happen’s I’ll be happy.There were bouncy castles,the best thing about these was that they were split into different age groups so there weren’t big kids with little kids-I wish they’d think of things like that more often.The event had something for everyone-dog shows,demonstrations,live music,the atmosphere was great and I definately won’t leave it 8 years before I go again.


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