Kids Television programmes

My children,like many these days,Love watching Television and films.Trying to balance TV with other activities seems to be the key.As with most things in life I see it as a case of in moderation it’s Ok.As long as children are happy,healthy and get plenty of fresh air and exercise I feel that watching television can do many things at different ages.I feel toddlers concentrate well watching television,there aren’t many activities yet that captivate my middle son.He is now 2 and doesn’t have a great concentration span,yet,If I put on Toy Story 1,2 or 3 he will sit nicely and watch it,giving me the opportunity to get on and do other things.He has recently started walking on a wrist strap which he loves and this really wears him out.By nature,he is a very active child. So far 2 of my children seem to be very active and sporty,well co-ordinated and 2 really aren’t-just like me.Not sure what the youngest will be like yet,too young to tell.I used to fall over doing skipping races for Sports day.My 8 year old daughter has a very active imagination and has suffered with nightmares in the past after watching television.Her favourite programme is Dr Who, but some episodes have scared her.We tried monitoring each episode,but I am a softie and Dr Who is a family favourite and a big part of our Saturday evening entertainment when it’s on.The way I deal with nightmares/bad dreams is put on soft music to create a calm atmosphere and to discuss them in the morning if they are still an issue,oh and lots of hugs and reassurance is a must.I’d love to hear other people’s views on television viewing for children and/or nightmares.


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