Pretty sure I’ve won a HTC Desire S -Yippee!!!!

I have had a busy day today,took my 8 year old to the dentist.Got home,checked my emails to find a well done message on Facebook from a friend.It looks like I have won a HTC Desire S.I am always grateful for any prize wins I receive no matter how big or small but this is my biggest prize to date.I love my amazing hobby,it gives me and my family the opportunity for treats we otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.The last big win I had was in April,when I won a £300 pound voucher to spend in Smyth’s toy shop.That went down really well with my 5 kids,mind you I was amazed how quickly we managed to spend the voucher in store,it was incredible,being able to let the kids choose what they wanted.

There were a few whoops of joy here this afternoon,that’s for sure.The only thing is the Facebook page the competition is from did the draw this afternoon and isn’t actually completely revealing the winner’s name untill tommorow.I think this is a great idea to keep people coming back to a Facebook page but not when it keeps me in suspense overnight,lol. What they have done is release a photo of the phone in its box with a blurred image of the winner’s name on the side.Here’s the link: let me know what you think.It look’s like it says Nicola D Seary to me.I think I’ll be up early and will have the lap on straight away in the morning.That said,it’s my daughter’s 4th birthday and am going to have a very excited little girl wanting to ride her new bike.My friend has made her the most incredible cake,photo’s will follow.


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  1. memoir mode
    Jun 16, 2011 @ 23:14:57

    Yep thats you 🙂 yippeeee well done x


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