Starting new Schools.

In September my youngest daughter will be starting at the local infant school.She has only recently turned Four so I am slightly anxious.She still often has a nap after pre-school.As confident as she is I am definitely more nervous about her starting than I was with her older brother and sister as they were both almost 5 when they started school.So far she has visited her school 3 times over the past couple weeks. Yesterday I dropped her off for the afternoon and she went last Thursday and today with pre-school.Both of our local primary schools have had new Head teacher’s this year and I have to say from what I have seen so far I am impressed.I think my daughter will be fine,if not a bit tired.I have decide to stagger her start to full time education rather than have her start fulltime by the second week.This mean’s she will go to school part-time until the October half-term.By November she will be full time.I am glad I was given the option and feel I made the right decision for my child.

Another huge change for our family occur’s in September when my eldest son starts Secondary school.He’s a good,sensible boy but I do worry about him.So far he has been bullied during the start of his experience at infant and Junior school.He has become a lot more confident over the past year or so and I am very proud of him.He is quite tall for his age and has bigger feet than me already.I know he will almost be an adult by the time he leaves school and he will go through so many changes over the next few years.He will always be my little pickle though.Last summer I did well with my bargain hunting via my weekly email from and managed to book a 5 day summer camp for the amazing price of £79  (including transport,food and all activites) He has been away regularly as he stays with his dad every other weekend so he is used to being away from home,however he did miss us all and phoned a few times which was lovely.The camp was at Osmington Bay near Weymouth at a PGL centre.The main benefit I felt was that my usually reserved son made friends quickly and took part in activities which he wouldn’t have otherwise.


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  1. the dotterel
    Jun 22, 2011 @ 10:25:09

    It’s a huge step in anyone’s life – at least you’re going for broke and getting both transitions over with at once. Hope they both go well!


    • nickimumof5
      Jun 22, 2011 @ 10:52:54

      It’s going to be a busy time,I also have a little one starting pre-school in January I’m going to be backwards and forwards like a Yoyo.I’m not complaining though,I love seeing them develop their own personalities and friendships as they get older.My eldest will be getting on a school bus every day,I think that’s more scary for me than anything.


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