Harry Potter mania-Love it or hate it?

I personally am a huge fan of J.K.Rowling and the whole Harry Potter series.I have read all the books and seen the films.We are hoping to go to the cinema to see the final film.I was left slightly disappointed by the book,but,that said I feel like that most of the time when I get to the last book in any series.I think its more to do with the fact that I’m sad that the series has ended,rather than the book being not up to scratch.I have always read a lot,this year I have read a measly 3 or 4 books.However,being a busy mum of 5,an avid comper and setting up this blog I still find this reasonable.I used to read a book a week on average.My main opportunity to read these days is in the bath when the kids are in bed asleep.What I personally loved about both the books and films of Harry Potter is that they capture the innocence and emotional intelligence of children so well.They show Harry’s journey from pre-adolescence to becoming a young man and all the struggles that incurs,as well as being a powerful wizard on top.They were probably one of the first books my 11-year-old actually chose to read for his own pleasure.They show the good and bad sides of human nature and are always a pleasure to watch or read.What did you prefer the books or the films? Which one did you like best? and why? I have been patiently(which is always difficult for me)  trying to pre-register on the Pottermore site and am looking forward to the kids experiencing the site.My 11 year old loves choose your own adventure books and I feel that he’ll love the site the most.


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