Teen Bling necklace review

Amy at the funday trying out her Teen Bling

Amy,my 8 year old daughter has recently taken part in a product review for Teen Bling.The product comes from http://www.smartmumuk.com ,the team behind Teething Bling.The necklace she received was called Verry Berry Pink -a very good start and was Berry scented.The first day she wore the necklace we were at a local funday. She received lots of compliments,from family members and her friends.She finds it comfortable to wear,unlike beaded jewellery it doesn’t get caught up in her hair.She has to have a tooth removed tommorow and is going to wear her necklace when she goes to show her dentist.The cord is the same as on the Teething Bling necklace I have previously reviewed.It has a breakaway safety clasp and the pendant is made of the same material.My daughter loves the colour and style of the necklace  and the scent is an added bonus.She’d wear it everywhere given the chance.Teen Bling costs from £12.95 for the necklace we were sent and prices start at £8.95 for Bracelets,or you can choose a gift set of necklace and bracelet,prices for these start at £19.95. I feel this is a good price for a well made product that will definitely last longer than most of my daughters’ other items of fashion jewellery.


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