Today I received my pair of Hotpants from   .Yippee.I have been eagerly waiting for their arrival for the past couple weeks.The main aim of these shorts is to increase perspiration and flush out toxins and fat cells.The big claim is that it CAN help you to lose 2 jeans sizes in just 2 weeks.I’m not a runner or someone who goes to the gym.However as a mum of 5 I am active and am hoping these will help me lose some inches.I have taken photo’s today and will take another photo on day 7,then again on day 14.I am also going to record my thigh,waist and hip measurements.Today they are:Waist 33.5 inches,Hips 38 inches and thighs:22.5 inches.

When I first took the shorts out of the packet and put them on I felt a bit depressed initially as I couldn’t do them up without my husband help.My measurements also surprised me.So did my Muffin top.I had realised that since having my 5th child on Christmas Eve 2010 I hadn’t lost the baby weight as quickly as I had with my previous pregnancies.My tummy,hips and thighs are my problem area’s.Even if I only lose 1 dress size and a couple of inches overall I will be satisfied,although I am going to try my best to go the whole hog and aim for the 2 dress sizes.I am currently between a size 12 and 14-a size 10 would be a good aim.

The Hotpants,once I am zipped in are very comfortable.I soon felt the heat and am glad it is a cooler day today.They remind me of a wetsuit with the look and fit.I love the way that already they make my bum and thighs look amazing.

Day 7-Measurements-Waist-32.5 inches,Hips 37.5 inches and thighs-19 inches – Wow,I am impressed.I had expected to have lost more from my hips as my love handles look and feel smaller,my waist seem’s to have more of a definition and I knew my thighs must have lost a fair amount as my jeans were baggier.I haven’t done anything drastic,am as active as I usually am and have worn the Hotpants for a total of aproximately 30 hours spread over the week.I might try wearing them out and about more if the weather is nice over the next week.I’d like to loose a bit more off my waist and hips so am going to try to be more active.

Day 14 Measurements-Waist-32 inches,Hips 37 inches and Thighs 17 inches– I have been ill this week so had no idea whether this will reflect true measurements as I’ve not eaten as well as usual or been as active and I also haven’t worn my HotPants as much as I have done previously. That said, I’m still extremely happy with my results over the 2 week trial period and will continue to wear them on a regular basis.Will add the last set of photo’s a bit later for you all to see.


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  1. nikki
    Jul 06, 2011 @ 23:05:06

    hello, found your blog through BMB. Cant wait to see if these work for you, were they expensive? i have been trying to get back into my jeans after having twins on new years eve, not going great.. i am doing a sort of detox this week, would have loved something like this to help me along if they work xo


    • nickimumof5
      Jul 06, 2011 @ 23:14:12

      Hi,I am currently 1 of a number of women that have been lucky enough to get the Hotpants free in exchange for a review.They are currently priced at £44.99 but I have a 10% discount code if that’s of any use,its on the blog in the dicount code section at the top.I wore them for 4 hours today and could definitely feel something going on.I got rather warm but not at all sticky or uncomfortable.PS-am going to have a competition to win a pair on this blog after my 14 day trial period and my full review have been posted.


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