Desperate Housepets by Annaliese Morgan

This book is a comprehensive look at how to keep your pet healthy,content and well-groomed.  The author is a Vetinary nurse and you can tell by the manner in which the book is written that she has a genuine love and affinity for animals.  This book is a must-have for any pet owner .  The content has sub sections in each chapter which are clear and concise and contain relevant explanations.  You can easily find relevant information concerning whichever housepet you own.

There are 8 chapters followed by 8 Appendix sections.  The whole tone of the book is friendly and knowledgeable,with a bit of well placed humour aswell.  .I had no idea you could get Mouthwash or toothpaste for cats.  I love the fact that the book contains pet First Aid.  I wasn’t aware you could use the Heimlich manoeuver on an animal such as a dog or cat.  There is so much information that even I as a cat owner never knew. I’m not quite sure why it’s subtitled “The single person’s guide to Healthy Pets”-that doesn’t seem at all relevant to the subject to me.  This book would be apropriate for older children (11 year and up) or for families,couples or anyone that owns or wishes to own a pet..The illustrations on the front cover and within the book are lovely.I especially love the illustration of the fat cat in the section about diet.

I think this book should be made a necessary purchase when adopting a housepet. For example the donation fee when adopting a pet should be upped so this book is included as standard practice.

The book costs £12.99 which I feel is good value for such a well written book.Out of 10 I’d award this book 9.5 (The subtitle letting it down slightly.)


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