Hello,Thank-you and my week so far

I have just noticed that there have been rather a lot of reviews on here recently so I thought I’d right a post to say a huge big Thank you to all my readers/subscribers for all the entries in my competitions I am currently holding.  The HotPants Giveaway finishes at midnight tonight so I’ll be adding all entries into random.org tonight and a winner will be anounced along with screenshots of the draw in the morning.  Initially I didn’t have many entries but as the closing date has got closer and people found more out about what the Hotpants are for,I received lots more entries.Thank you to everyone that has entered and also to those of you that read my ramblings.  This blog has become another of my babies and I feel very proud of what I have achieved to date.

I haven’t had as much time as usual for personal blog posts as I’ve had a manic week.  My eldest son had his last ever school trip at his Junior school,he visited a local ski centre and a country park for the day and had a great time.  My 2 eldest children had their sports day this week so I had 2 mornings watching them participate in various races.  My 4 year old had a great week at Pre-school,not long now before big school.I’m going to be a bit sad to be honest.My children are all growing up way too quickly for my liking and I have found girl’s especially don’t want to stay little girls for long.  They,like I was at their age are in such a hurry to grow up.

Last night my 8 year old had a sleepover at school,the aim being to prepare the kids to be away from home ready for school trips.  I packed her off at 5.30pm with a lovely new Pink sleeping bag,a Pillow,some snacks,clothes,toothbrush and toothpaste and away she went.  We now know who creates the chaos in our house.  It was so quiet and calm-too quiet for my liking.  She has been away from home on occasion stayiing at friends or my dad’s for the night and she is very grown up and sensible but I still find it difficult when any of my children aren’t at home.  I am a born worry wort and like knowing where my children are and what they are up to.  That said,she has come home today,quite tired but she had a lovely time with her teachers and friends.

This summer is the end of an era for 2 of m y children and that makes me both sad and excited.Sad for them to be leaving places they have learnt so much but excited that they are progressing up to the next stage of their educational journey’s.  I aim to make the most of this summer and do as much as I can with them.


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