Summer Holidays

MY children will break up for the Summer Holidays next week.  Thanks goodness.  By the end of the Summer time every year they are especially tired and ready for the break.  We haven’t got too much planned yet.  I need to stock up on Art and Craft accessories still,with my kids we never seem to have enough.  I want to get some thick paints so I can do hand prints of them all, then frame it.  My children are very good at occupying each other,which I am very grateful for.  Weather permitting there will be lots of trips to the park.  Our local youth group organise activities for the children twice a week for 4 weeks,a mixture of Sports and Art and Crafts which is free and always great fun.  That’s 2 afternoons sorted,only 5 to go.  The most difficult thing I have to account for is that my children range in age from 7 months (tomorrow) up to 11 years and sometimes it can be a case of the older ones don’t want to do the same as the younger ones.

I am really hoping the weather will improve as it’s always better to get out and about as much as we can.My friend has a huge sleepover planned in her lounge for my lot and her lot,that will mean 8 children and 2 adults.  I can’t wait,it should be great fun,even if we don’t get much sleep.  She had said about buying a tent for us all to sleep in.I am sure that Popcorn and Dvd’s were mentioned.

During these holidays I am aiming to create,with lots of help and input from the kids,a scrapbook with photo’s,pictures,leaves,tickets,shells and anything that represents this year’s Summer Holidays for our family.  Places we visit,people we see,I want a visual record.  The children are all becoming more independent little people.  My 11-year-old even has a girlfriend now,thanks to a bit of matchmaking from his sister.  Secondary school seems to be more of a big thing for me,my son,as with most new things he encounters is taking it all in his stride.  I’m just a worry wort.  One thing I am quite excited about is my 4-year-old starting Infant school,she has just had a fantastic report from pre-school and is definitely ready for BIG school now.  All we need now is school shoes for the 3 bigger kids and uniform for my son then we are all set.  That’s going to be a whole different story.


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