Mam multiple product review

I have been sent 4 products by Mam to review.

They are:

1.Mam Dummy– This was great as it stays in longer as there’s nothing for baby to grab hold of to pull out as there is with most dummies.It’s an orthodontic shaped teat so doesn’t affect tooth growth.It is 60% thinner and 3 times softer than the average Dummy on the market.  It also has large ventilation holes to allow air to circulate and therefore create less/no irritation to the skin.  The Dummy comes with it’s own “Mam Perfect box” which can be used to sterilise the Dummy in the microwave -just add water,insert the Dummy and microwave for 3 minutes.My son took to this Dummy quickly and it looks like I’ll soon have to get him some spares.He has been teething whilst using this Dummy and as a result has a tendency to chomp on his Dummies,as yet this one has not broken or been chewed through.

2.Mam Baby Bottle-This bottle was great for my 6 month old son as it has handles he can hold.He has just turned 7 months and is at the age where he so desperately want to become a bit more independent and having the handles to hold onto has helped this.The seal around the teat was really good,unlike some of  the bottles I have been using by a brand I used for years that decided to change everything.In my opinion if something’s not broke,don’t fix it.I hate fiddling about with a separate insert in my bottles.The Mam bottles are easier to use,a great shape and look stylish. The bottle is free from BPA,has a variable flow teat and also includes a soft spout.

3.Mam Sports Bottle-Non-spill. For my 2 year old son,this has been great-he’s not quite ready to use a cup,we’ve tried but he doesn’t like to sit still when he’s drinking. This sports bottle is great as it’s hard wearing,unlike some sports I’ve bought in the past.It has been put through its paces in the dishwasher,dragged around the garden,been to the park,had his bedtime milk in it so I could see how easy it was to clean.It passed every test with flying colours it comes apart easily and even has a seal which can be taken off to ensure a deep clean.

4.Mam teether– My 6 month old son has recently cut his 4th tooth,this one was a big front,top tooth and we had a bit more whingeing despite his Teething necklace.  The teether design is great as being circular he can hold onto it easily.He manages to put it into his mouth and have a good gnaw as he needs it. The Teether can be placed in the fridge for 1 hour so the cold will help soothe tender gums,my little one loves this.

In my honest opinion I have found all these products strong,sturdy and good value for money.


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