10 Things you didn’t know about me

Today I have been tagged by Wonnablogger to reveal 10 Things you didn’t know about me.

1.I studied Criminology for 18 months at University.
2.My favourite colour is Purple.
3.My ambition is to run my own business.
4.I am fascinated with the City of New York and vow to get there one day.
5.My middle name is Dawn.
6.6 years ago I was a single mum of 2-Now I’m a married mum of 5.
7.I first met my husband when I was 16. We were on and off for years and finally married in December 2006 when I was 10 weeks pregnant with our 2nd daughter. He is my soulmate and my best friend.
8.I love to cook for lots of people-especially Full English Breakfasts and Roast Dinners.
9.I love to learn but hated Secondary school due to Bullying.
10.I am a natural Blonde. (However,these days I give it a helping hand)

I am now going to Tag Oh My Daze and A New Addition


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