Bumpeez is set to become the kids latest Playground craze. It is due to be released on August 24th and will be on sale for £1.99. I was sent a pack for my children to try out.

Collectors list

They are aimed at children from 5-11 years old. My 3 eldest children are 4,8 and 11 years old and they all enjoyed playing with them. I thought that the price was a good selling point as they fall into the pocket-money price range. The Bumpeez came in a sealed pack along with a list showing all available Bumpeez. The pack includes 2 brightly coloured silicone outer rings and 2 inner pieces which have the collectable characters on them.

Having a closer look

Once inserted into the outer ring the Bumpeez can then be bounced and used to play games. My children made their own games where they had to see if they could bump them by 1 person gently throwing their Bumpeez from waist height.
I think Bumpeez will take off in a big way over the Autumn term,especially for Junior aged children. They have huge potential to become massive and will also be great stocking fillers. The Bumpeez website currently displays a countdown and will become fully active upon the official release date 24th August.
As with most collectible playground crazes there will be rare and sought after collectibles,in this instance they are called the Golden Bumpee and will contain a special code which can be used to enable anyone that gets one to receive a prize. I can see this being something my 8 year old daughter in particular would enjoy collecting and I would be happy to buy them for her,they are well made,affordable and have a traditional feel about them.


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