Farewell,adieu and Thank you

As readers of the blog will be aware my life is always busy,as a result I haven’t posted for a good few months.This blog went in a direction I wasn’t 100% happy (I got a bit too eager with the whole product review business ) with so I would like to take this opportunity to bid you all goodbye and say a huge Thank you for all of your support.I have been amazed to see how many people have showed an interest in what I have to say. I had hoped this blog would focus on my family life with my children. By my own admition I got sidetracked.I do have another blog on the “other” platform which didn’t get sidetracked so for now I am going to see how that goes.You are all very welcome to come and take a peek at Manicmummyhood and see how I’m getting on.As always I welcome comments and feedback.