What a busy week

This week has been our busiest for a long time. It started with a Girl’s day out on Monday,just me and my 2 beautiful daughter’s. Our first stop was Clarks for shoes,I had staggered the uniform shop this year but still had 1 pair of shoes left to get. It seemed I was 1 out of a lot of people that left it to the last minute. We had a nice day shopping,lunch in MacDonalds followed by a trip to the cinema where we watched The Smurfs. To be honest I was dreading the film as I’d read a bad review,however I really enjoyed it.
Then,on Tuesday it was BACK TO SCHOOL- Yippee!!! My eldest began a new chapter in his education by going up to Secondary school,so far so good-the only mishap,which he has already learnt from was missing all of the buses to our village on Wednesday. My 4 year old started infants and was so excited. She is a very happy little girl that has such a thirst for knowledge and is really enjoying being at “Big school” so far,she keeps asking when she’ll be staying for lunch. She can’t wait to try out school dinners. It will be a few weeks yet,as she is one of the younger children,having a June birthday and I have decided to stagger her start to school. She will go part-time until after the October half-term which I think,for her is the best thing. This week she has been extremely tired and has even gone back to having a nap. She wakes up for tea and then goes back to sleep at her usual time. This makes me more convinced that a staggered start to her school life is best-I feel lucky to have been given the choice.
Today I took the 3 younger children to a local Toddler group,I haven’t been for a while and it did them all a lot of good. From next week onwards I’m going to aim to take the 2 youngest to 2 or 3 Toddler groups each week. My 2 year old definitely needs to socialise more. He needs to learn to share and mix with children that aren’t his brothers or sisters more. He’s due to start pre-school in January and I can’t quite believe how fast he is growing up. His vocabulary is growing on a daily basis.
As for the baby,he is now 8 months old and like my 2 year old son,he is the spitting image of his Daddy. He has such a lovely nature and is a pleasure to be around. The only time he’s not smiling is when he cuts a tooth. Why do they all have to grow up so darn fast. Don’t get me wrong,I love seeing my children develop into little people but I hate the fact that as they get older I can’t protect them from the world as I used to. I love my childrens similarities and their differences too.


The end is nigh

The Summer is almost over,that’s if it ever really started in the first place. I spent a couple hours at the park on Friday with my 5 children,my friend,2 boys she child-minds and her own daughter,it was great fun,the kids all played nicely together. After a couple hours letting the kids run about and use up some of their never-ending energy supply we went back to my friends’ house for lunch. I have to admit that to get 5 children out of the house and organised has become a military operation and I’m starting to wonder what it will be like next week. Last year was by far the easiest year I’ve had in regards to the school run. My eldest son was at the same school as his sister so they walked together,meaning I only had to do preschool runs. It was lovely but as they say all good thing come to an end and this year will be mayhem. My eldest will need to be at the bus stop for 7.45am,meaning he’ll need to be up earlier than ever before-that in itself will be fun. He’s enjoyed staying in bed late most mornings over the summer.
On Monday I have a last minute dash to our local city centre to get school shoes for my 8 year old daughter. This year,due to having more at school I have staggered the uniform and shoe shopping. I am just hoping we’ll find a nice pair that she likes that fit her. We are also going to the cinema to use our tickets we got from trading in our Clubcard points. As a larger sized family we had,until this year only tended to go to the cinema occasionally,now thanks to Clubcard rewards and Sky rewards we have already been a couple times this year. A couple weeks ago my husband took my son to watch Cowboys and Aliens.They had a great time and the money saved on tickets meant they could treat themselves to a Hot Dog and Coke each.
Our only decision now is what film to see,its going to be a girls day out,just me and my daughters aged 4 and 8. I’m really looking forward to it. The girls are keen on watching The Smurfs. I loved The Smurfs as a child but am not sure about a film version,that said, I love the 2 Alvin and the Chipmunk films and didn’t mind the Yogi Bear film which we watched over the Summer.

Starting new Schools.

In September my youngest daughter will be starting at the local infant school.She has only recently turned Four so I am slightly anxious.She still often has a nap after pre-school.As confident as she is I am definitely more nervous about her starting than I was with her older brother and sister as they were both almost 5 when they started school.So far she has visited her school 3 times over the past couple weeks. Yesterday I dropped her off for the afternoon and she went last Thursday and today with pre-school.Both of our local primary schools have had new Head teacher’s this year and I have to say from what I have seen so far I am impressed.I think my daughter will be fine,if not a bit tired.I have decide to stagger her start to full time education rather than have her start fulltime by the second week.This mean’s she will go to school part-time until the October half-term.By November she will be full time.I am glad I was given the option and feel I made the right decision for my child.

Another huge change for our family occur’s in September when my eldest son starts Secondary school.He’s a good,sensible boy but I do worry about him.So far he has been bullied during the start of his experience at infant and Junior school.He has become a lot more confident over the past year or so and I am very proud of him.He is quite tall for his age and has bigger feet than me already.I know he will almost be an adult by the time he leaves school and he will go through so many changes over the next few years.He will always be my little pickle though.Last summer I did well with my bargain hunting via my weekly email from http://www.moneysavingexpert.com and managed to book a 5 day summer camp for the amazing price of £79  (including transport,food and all activites) He has been away regularly as he stays with his dad every other weekend so he is used to being away from home,however he did miss us all and phoned a few times which was lovely.The camp was at Osmington Bay near Weymouth at a PGL centre.The main benefit I felt was that my usually reserved son made friends quickly and took part in activities which he wouldn’t have otherwise.

Starting infant school

My daughter is due to start Big school (infants) in September,my concern is that she will be constantlyexhausted.Currently she attends preschool for 4 days and does 15 hours.On Monday she goes for the morning session,which starts at 9am and stays for her lunch and I pick her up at 12.30.On Tuesday she stays all day,9am-3pm,Wednesday is a morning session 9am-12pm and Thursday she has an afternoon session,12.30-3.After every session she is exhausted,although she isnt always napping now which is good. I have decided to stagger her start to full-time education over 9 weeks,(which was the suggestion from the headmaster) before she starts full time.I did have the option to enter her fulltime from the 2nd week in September,I’m not ready for this,let alone her.I strongly believe that a staggered start of Faiths school life will be what is best for her individually.My elder 2 children had Autumn/Winter Birthdays and I would have been happy for them to go full time quicker than they did as they were a lot older than Faith will be when they started school.I am curious as to what the options are around the country or in other parts of the world.I know that Year R,Reception class is mainly about playing and getting used to the school routine but 6 hours is still a long day for a 4 year old in my opinion.

My past couple weeks

On Monday May 9th 2011 The Seary family from Marchwood,Hampshire set out for their first ever family holiday.I booked it via the Sun newspaper’s £9.50 per person deal in January.We left home via Taxi at aprox midday and got to the train station in plenty of time.Are we mad I hear you ask? Yes,probably.A train journey with 5 children,luggage and a double buggy,really isn’t easy especially when you have to change trains at a station with no lift.Luckily a lovely member of staff helped me carry the double buggy up then down a flight of very steep stairs.I have to say the kids were brilliant,if not very excited on the journey but ocupied each other nicely.(One bonus with having a large family)

When we arrived in Weymouth,our destination(almost) we had to get 2 regular size taxi’s to accomadate us all.Upon reaching our holiday site,we picked up our keys for our log cabin at reception.The 1 and only time we ventured off site,we walked to the nearest railway station,which took over an hour to find we had just missed our train.Not wanting a day of hanging around we walked back to the site and went swimming and roller skating,which was great fun.

The site had lots to do for all ages including an indoor play centre,roller skating rink,indoor pool,ski complex,amusement acrades,childrens play area’s all around the park,bikes and go-karts for hire,a bar,restaurant,take-away,shop and launderette.

Our accomodation was lovely.When we arrived we were amazed,the woodland setting made it idylic and peaceful considering all the families.One morning I went outside to find 2 deer grazing.We saw lots of squirrels and even a couple ducks.The only downside for the holiday was our lack of transport,we’d definately consider returning when we have reliable transport big enough for our brood.

This week I’ve had a teething baby,a 2 year old and myself with a virus and a miserable 8 year old daughter to contend with(I swear she’s hormonal already) On top of that my husband’s working hours have almost doubled,which means the children have hardly seen him.Think this is the reason for my miserable 8 year old.We tend to clash a lot as she is so much like me-too much so at times.Sports seem to be her thing(unlike me),she can seem to pick up most new sports she tries quickly,she recently competed in a Cross Country competition,representing her school.She’s going to hopefully be starting tap at school as an after school activity soon.

My eldest-Jack is not sporty,the closest he gets to a sport is orienteering which he participates in via his school.He plays Chess,loves his computer and is a telly addict.I am hoping he’ll get out and about more with his friends after he starts Secondary school in September as he is currently spending all his time at home.Think I’ll have the opposite problem with my 8 year old,will struggle to keep her in as she gets older.

On Friday I had a hospital apointment for Dylan(2 years old) and Faith(4 years old) at the eye unit,unfortunately my children inherited my atrocious eye sight and need glasses as a result.Jack only needs them for computer work and reading.Amy and Faith wear them all the time and Dylan’s first pair of glasses shall be with us soon.Faith has been without glasses for a while now as she has broken her 3rd pair in just over a year.My best friend had my youngest-Ethan for the morning and off I went on the bus with Faith and Dylan.It was actually a less stressful morning than I has anticipated,I expected a tantrum of some sort but the kids were great.

My main goal for this year is to restart driving lessons.Going on a bus with 5 children and a double buggy is not an enjoyable experience.We’ve used trains a couple times recently-we even went on holiday via rail-wont be doing that again,lol.We didnt go far but we found train are ok for a day out when you have a large family but not ideal when you have a lot of luggage and a double buggy.