Rockfords Rock Opera review

When the Rockford’s Rock Opera CD arrived ready for me to review I was pleasantly surprised at the beautiful illustrations on the cover. The Rock Opera consists of 3 separate discs each contain a beautifully decorated box that opens out to show a lyric booklet,the CD and a play list. The special collectors edition set I was sent includes the complete story over 3 discs.The CD’s have been enhanced so they include fantastic CGI animations of the characters.The main character Rockford is a loveable dog with floppy,long ears. On his adventurous journey he meets a wonderful variety of fun characters. We are introduced to Rockford’s friend Moog and Moog’s uncle. Rockford travels to the Island of Infinity by way of the Sea of Tranquility where the last of all extinct species live. Here he meets some magnificent creatures including ; Patrick,Cocklebur Ick,The Sloth,Moa,The Registrar and Great Auk.
The story is educational and teaches children about extinction,wildlife and the environment. There have been links forged with Battersea Dogs Home,the World Wildlife Fund,The Open University,Buglife, and the BCGI as a result. Children will learn a lot from the story of Rockford and his adventures without even realising. The story is fun and the music enhances the whole experience.
I have included images as words alone will not be able to do justice to show how amazing the illustrations are. The music and storyline is fantasy at its very best almost to a point of being surreal. Even though my youngest son,at 8 months old is too young to fully appreciate the storyline he loved the music,as did my 2 year old. My 4 and 8 year old daughters loved listening to the story as well as the music and we listened to it at bedtime over a week instead of their usual bedtime story. Each evening they eagerly anticipated the next installment.
The musical extravaganza was written by the talented Matthew Sweetapple,Steve Punt and Elaine Sweetaple and has recently been made into an Apple iPhone app. The story is recommended for children aged from 5-12 years old but I feel younger children will also enjoy the musical aspect,mine definaitely have done. It is a story that children won’t tire of as it captivates them,they want to know whats going to happen next.
I give a huge Thumbs up to this fantastic and original story and the way it has been put together to create a multimedia experience little ones of all ages will love.


Mixed Blessings CD Review

The opportunity to review a CD of soothing,relaxing music was too good an opportunity to miss. The composer of Mixed Blessings is Sheena Coote ;a semi-professional composer,wife and mum of 1. Sheena wrote the music with her daughter in mind after she had trouble getting her to sleep. She found that by using soothing music as part of her bedtime routine it had a soothing effect. Sheen a has an extensive musical background beginning when she started piano lessons at the tender age of 3,composing began when she put her poems to music when she was just 5 years old. Sheena has written a successful musical which has run both in Edinburgh and the West End. She is currently in the process of writing a second musical. Sheena was a runner up in the UK song writing competition with her song “Messin”

Sheena Coote

Currently we have experienced no end of problems settling my 2 youngest children at bedtime. We had tried a strict bedtime routine of food,wind down time,bath then bed to no avail. My 2-year-old is at the stage where he is becoming afraid of the dark and doesn’t want to be left,this in turn upsets his younger brother. It’s like a circle settle them down,2-year-old screams,wakes 7 month old,both wide awake until they are both exhausted or we give in and bring 2-year-old down.The first night,I sat in the room with the boys,calmed them both down and put the CD on. Baby started swaying side by side like he usually does when music is playing and after 5 minutes was sound asleep. It didn’t have such a good effect upon my rather manic 2-year-old but there was a noticeable improvement and I will be incorporating the CD into their bedtime routine.

Mixed Blessings CD Cover

The Album’s line up:
4.Angel’s kisses
5.Mixed Blessings
6.Little Dance
7.Happy Hearts
9.Sprightly nightly
10.Song of hope
11.Place called love.
Each time I listened to the Album I seemed to have a new favourite,I wouldn’t be able to choose 1 but my favourites at the moment include Sonatina,Elation and Farewell.The music seemed almost magic to me and I could see it being featured in a fantasy film. Sprightly nightly would be good for a chase scene.
I felt that the music would be fantastic background music for a film and it reminded me slightly of the music from Twilight. The music helped me feel less stressed and helped me to relax and unwind aswell as the boys which was a bonus.I can also imagine the music being used in the background of a documentary.
The album can be downloaded from itunes.


Bumpeez is set to become the kids latest Playground craze. It is due to be released on August 24th and will be on sale for £1.99. I was sent a pack for my children to try out.

Collectors list

They are aimed at children from 5-11 years old. My 3 eldest children are 4,8 and 11 years old and they all enjoyed playing with them. I thought that the price was a good selling point as they fall into the pocket-money price range. The Bumpeez came in a sealed pack along with a list showing all available Bumpeez. The pack includes 2 brightly coloured silicone outer rings and 2 inner pieces which have the collectable characters on them.

Having a closer look

Once inserted into the outer ring the Bumpeez can then be bounced and used to play games. My children made their own games where they had to see if they could bump them by 1 person gently throwing their Bumpeez from waist height.
I think Bumpeez will take off in a big way over the Autumn term,especially for Junior aged children. They have huge potential to become massive and will also be great stocking fillers. The Bumpeez website currently displays a countdown and will become fully active upon the official release date 24th August.
As with most collectible playground crazes there will be rare and sought after collectibles,in this instance they are called the Golden Bumpee and will contain a special code which can be used to enable anyone that gets one to receive a prize. I can see this being something my 8 year old daughter in particular would enjoy collecting and I would be happy to buy them for her,they are well made,affordable and have a traditional feel about them.

Mam multiple product review

I have been sent 4 products by Mam to review.

They are:

1.Mam Dummy– This was great as it stays in longer as there’s nothing for baby to grab hold of to pull out as there is with most dummies.It’s an orthodontic shaped teat so doesn’t affect tooth growth.It is 60% thinner and 3 times softer than the average Dummy on the market.  It also has large ventilation holes to allow air to circulate and therefore create less/no irritation to the skin.  The Dummy comes with it’s own “Mam Perfect box” which can be used to sterilise the Dummy in the microwave -just add water,insert the Dummy and microwave for 3 minutes.My son took to this Dummy quickly and it looks like I’ll soon have to get him some spares.He has been teething whilst using this Dummy and as a result has a tendency to chomp on his Dummies,as yet this one has not broken or been chewed through.

2.Mam Baby Bottle-This bottle was great for my 6 month old son as it has handles he can hold.He has just turned 7 months and is at the age where he so desperately want to become a bit more independent and having the handles to hold onto has helped this.The seal around the teat was really good,unlike some of  the bottles I have been using by a brand I used for years that decided to change everything.In my opinion if something’s not broke,don’t fix it.I hate fiddling about with a separate insert in my bottles.The Mam bottles are easier to use,a great shape and look stylish. The bottle is free from BPA,has a variable flow teat and also includes a soft spout.

3.Mam Sports Bottle-Non-spill. For my 2 year old son,this has been great-he’s not quite ready to use a cup,we’ve tried but he doesn’t like to sit still when he’s drinking. This sports bottle is great as it’s hard wearing,unlike some sports I’ve bought in the past.It has been put through its paces in the dishwasher,dragged around the garden,been to the park,had his bedtime milk in it so I could see how easy it was to clean.It passed every test with flying colours it comes apart easily and even has a seal which can be taken off to ensure a deep clean.

4.Mam teether– My 6 month old son has recently cut his 4th tooth,this one was a big front,top tooth and we had a bit more whingeing despite his Teething necklace.  The teether design is great as being circular he can hold onto it easily.He manages to put it into his mouth and have a good gnaw as he needs it. The Teether can be placed in the fridge for 1 hour so the cold will help soothe tender gums,my little one loves this.

In my honest opinion I have found all these products strong,sturdy and good value for money.

Buggy Tug review

Around about Christmas time I came runner up in a photo competition.I won a baby sling,bib,sock-ons,a baby bowl,potty and a Buggy Tug.After using the Buggy Tug for a while I decided (rather foolishly may I add) to use the Buggy Tag like a wrist strap for my now 4 year old daughter.  This isn’t what the Buggy Tug was designed for  and subsequently the Buggy Tug broke at the seam.  I debated for a while over whether or not to contact the people at Buggy Tug for 2 reasons-Firstly it was a competition prize and therefore I hadn’t paid for it so hadn’t lost anything really and Secondly I hadn’t been using it the way in which it was supposed to be used when it broke.  I eventually decided to contact them and mention it as it might show a weakness in the seam/join.Today I received a new and improved version which has the label in a different place and a new stronger fabric.(Which is due to my feedback) I am now glad that I sent my email after all.

The Buggy Tug when used correctly is a great idea.It attaches to the buggy simply via the Velcro strap then it links onto your wrist to stop your Buggy moving without you.  As a parent,I have on occasion had to chase my buggy when I haven’t applied the brake or if I’ve been on a hill or slightly distracted. The Buggy Tug is made of Neoprene so is comfortable to wear. It has also been safety tested.  For customer service I have to say that to take my email this seriously even though I was at fault by not using it as intended I am very impressed to say the least.  I am someone that feels good customer service needs to be praised as often it is only negative feedback that gets notice. I will be using my Buggy Tug with pride whenever I use my Britax B-Dual with my 2 youngest.

Buggy Tug


After seeing all the current buzz concerning Sodastream I decided to contact them direct and ask for one to review.  I had decided that if I didn’t receive a reply within 10 days then I’d treat the kids to one anyway. However I was fortunate and Sodastream kindly agreed.  My philosophy is if you don’t ask you don’t get and so far I’m doing Ok.

When the Sodastream arrived it was packaged in a recyclable box.The unit consists of a plastic frame,a Gas cylinder and I also received 3 different flavours to use-Cherry,Lemonade and Raspberry and Cranberry.  The unit I received is a Limited edition as part of the World without bottles campaign and is called Jet.

  • Each of the single 500ml containers of Sodastream concentrate produces 12 litres of soft drink and each of these can replace 24 500ml PET bottles  (This information comes direct from Sodastream)

Sodastream,as part of this campaign will donate money to the One to One project for each unit that is sold.  The money raised will go towards building Water Wells in Kenya and for each unit sold the donation from Sodastream will enable one person in Kenya to have clean drinking water for a year.

I,had expected it to be a lot more difficult to use than it actually was.  It was a matter of screwing in the gas cylinder,filling the reusable plastic bottle to the fill line with tap water,adding a capfull of flavoured syrup,screwing in the bottle then pressing the button a couple times then voila- you have you’re fizzy drink.  My kids love watching me do it. It does take a bit of practice to figure out how fizzy to make the drink and how many times you need to press the button to get it just right.

Out of the 3 flavours I was provided  for the purpose of this review our favourite is the Cherry.  The Lemonade is nice but a more subtle taste as you’d expect from Lemonade.  The Cranberry and Raspberry is a light flavour and whilst it was Ok, for some reason I couldn’t get it as fizzy as I wanted.   I am going to buy extra flavours soon though.  I do quite fancy trying Cola.

All in all I’d recommend this Sodastream maker to anyone that enjoys fizzy drinks.


Today I received my pair of Hotpants from   .Yippee.I have been eagerly waiting for their arrival for the past couple weeks.The main aim of these shorts is to increase perspiration and flush out toxins and fat cells.The big claim is that it CAN help you to lose 2 jeans sizes in just 2 weeks.I’m not a runner or someone who goes to the gym.However as a mum of 5 I am active and am hoping these will help me lose some inches.I have taken photo’s today and will take another photo on day 7,then again on day 14.I am also going to record my thigh,waist and hip measurements.Today they are:Waist 33.5 inches,Hips 38 inches and thighs:22.5 inches.

When I first took the shorts out of the packet and put them on I felt a bit depressed initially as I couldn’t do them up without my husband help.My measurements also surprised me.So did my Muffin top.I had realised that since having my 5th child on Christmas Eve 2010 I hadn’t lost the baby weight as quickly as I had with my previous pregnancies.My tummy,hips and thighs are my problem area’s.Even if I only lose 1 dress size and a couple of inches overall I will be satisfied,although I am going to try my best to go the whole hog and aim for the 2 dress sizes.I am currently between a size 12 and 14-a size 10 would be a good aim.

The Hotpants,once I am zipped in are very comfortable.I soon felt the heat and am glad it is a cooler day today.They remind me of a wetsuit with the look and fit.I love the way that already they make my bum and thighs look amazing.

Day 7-Measurements-Waist-32.5 inches,Hips 37.5 inches and thighs-19 inches – Wow,I am impressed.I had expected to have lost more from my hips as my love handles look and feel smaller,my waist seem’s to have more of a definition and I knew my thighs must have lost a fair amount as my jeans were baggier.I haven’t done anything drastic,am as active as I usually am and have worn the Hotpants for a total of aproximately 30 hours spread over the week.I might try wearing them out and about more if the weather is nice over the next week.I’d like to loose a bit more off my waist and hips so am going to try to be more active.

Day 14 Measurements-Waist-32 inches,Hips 37 inches and Thighs 17 inches– I have been ill this week so had no idea whether this will reflect true measurements as I’ve not eaten as well as usual or been as active and I also haven’t worn my HotPants as much as I have done previously. That said, I’m still extremely happy with my results over the 2 week trial period and will continue to wear them on a regular basis.Will add the last set of photo’s a bit later for you all to see.

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

As anyone with or who has experience of a teething baby is aware,it is not a pleasant,happy time.Out of my 5 children,my 3 boys have really struggled every time they got another new tooth.You name it I’ve tried it-gels,painkiller syrups,teething rings,teething necklace-made from a chewable material.The Amber teething necklace  is different as it works by the amber releasing minerals (Succinic acid) into the skin which in turn help settle a teething baby by acting as a natural anagaesic.There are knots between each bead so the beads don’t scatter if the necklace was to break and the necklace I bought for Ethan has a screw clasp to secure,which is also made of Amber.An added bonus is that the necklace looks lovely on.I have also seen mentions of them helping children that suffer with Autism and ADHD.If this is true,why have we not heard more about it.I am very much a mum who will give anything a go if I think it will help my child,regardless of how crazy it sounds.My eldest son has Eczema and other allergy related conditions(Asthma and Hayfever aswell as other allergies),we have found that traditional treatments that we receive via prescription do tend to work best,however they don’t cure anything,just help make things more tollerable.In the beginning though I tried Goats milk creams,Aloe Vera gels-they all seemed to help initially but only for the short-term.It is only Ethan’s second day of using his Amber necklace but already I have seen a much happier baby already.Let’s hope this continues to be the case.

Update-Day 4

Today is Ethan’s 4th day using his lovely necklace.I have to admit to forgetting to put it on him until this afternoon.Although it is recommended to remove the necklace at night I don’t feel he has benefited from the full effect today as he has hardly worn it.I would still say that he has been more content,even though he is definitely cutting a tooth and has awful nappy rash.

This post is a personal  recommendation of a product  I have bought.

Real nappies (reuseable) V’s disposable nappies

I have been given the opportunity to trial “Real” nappies with my two youngest children.I am a fan of disposables and hadn’t ever seriously considered reusable nappies before.I do like the idea of reusable nappies but the time factor puts me off,as well as the washing of the Poohy nappy factor if I’m really honest.I’m not going to mention any brands until I have given the nappies a good trial and had a chance to evaluate them fully.Any hints,tips or general advice concerning how best to use reusable nappies would be greatly appreciated.Wish me luck.

Teen Bling necklace review

Amy at the funday trying out her Teen Bling

Amy,my 8 year old daughter has recently taken part in a product review for Teen Bling.The product comes from ,the team behind Teething Bling.The necklace she received was called Verry Berry Pink -a very good start and was Berry scented.The first day she wore the necklace we were at a local funday. She received lots of compliments,from family members and her friends.She finds it comfortable to wear,unlike beaded jewellery it doesn’t get caught up in her hair.She has to have a tooth removed tommorow and is going to wear her necklace when she goes to show her dentist.The cord is the same as on the Teething Bling necklace I have previously reviewed.It has a breakaway safety clasp and the pendant is made of the same material.My daughter loves the colour and style of the necklace  and the scent is an added bonus.She’d wear it everywhere given the chance.Teen Bling costs from £12.95 for the necklace we were sent and prices start at £8.95 for Bracelets,or you can choose a gift set of necklace and bracelet,prices for these start at £19.95. I feel this is a good price for a well made product that will definitely last longer than most of my daughters’ other items of fashion jewellery.

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