The Bopps

On Thursday 26th August I was given the amazing task to act as a Mummy Blogger journalist for the 2nd time for Nick Jr. As some of you may or may not be aware I recently interviewed Helena Dowling the presenter of Nick Jr’s Wake Up World in connection with the Help Dora Help scheme.
The interview with the Bopps was great fun. For those of you that haven’t already been introduced to The Bopps,they are Stan Cullimore (Previously of The Housemartins) and his musical partner Keith Littler. I had been recording episodes via Sky plus for a number of weeks and we now have 7 unique episodes that my 2 and 4 year olds re-watch often. We don’t often have television on early in the morning in our house (Especially during term times) as I find it distracts my children from getting ready for school.
What I loved the most whilst speaking to the Bopps is that they are very genuine people and as daft (in as nice a way as possible) in real life as they are on television. I think this is what makes them so much fun-the characters are believable. The Second series of the Bopps is currently showing on Nick Jr at 7.35am. The show is on for 5 minutes,this I feel helps to keep it fresh and fun. The show is a great,fun,brightly coloured mixture of Slapstick comedy and original children’s songs. They wear stripey T-shirts with braces in most scenes and Beatles inspired jackets when they are singing and dancing. Their very British music is great fun to listen to and watch with pre-school children. The Bopps have been inspired by other top British singers such as Ray Davis,Paul Wellar and Snow Patrol.
Stan and Kieth originally came up with the idea for the Bopps whilst recording separately in 1992 but the Bopps were re-born in 2008 when Nick Jr saw their potential and brought them into the homes and hearts of the children of the UK.
A series of the Bopps generally takes around a week and a half to record and it is kept fresh by not doing too many re-takes. Children are included in the show and are seen joining in with singing and dancing in each episode. The Bopps has featured Helena Dowling as a special guest and her energy and passion for music and dance enhances the Bopps. She fits well with the dynamic of the show and has a natural rapport with the Bopps. The Bopps participated in this years Lollibop festival which drew crowds of approximately 10,000 people a day. I think the Bopps are definitely worth checking out if you have pre-school children. My 2-year-old now asks regularly for The Bopps to be put on.
I’d love to see them live with my younger children and think a feature length episode or movie could be great fun. They remind me of Mr Bean but with music.


Listography-Children’s Films

Today I am linking up with Kate Takes 5 Listography to share my top 5 Children’s film.I was born in 1976 so the majority are 80’s films.I hope you enjoy my choices.

1.Wizard of Oz.This is my alltime favourite Children’s film.I never tire of watching it and have passed my love of it over to my daughters.
2.Annie-I first saw this at the cinema when I was a little girl.My daughter now loves it-I have recently seen a remake with Kathy Bates and am currently hearing whispers of another starring Will Smith.
3.Harry Potter-I am grateful for these film as they have encouraged my 2 older children to enjoy reading more.They captivated my childrens imaginations and all of my children enjoy watching the films,they are part of a generation that have grown up with Harry Potter.
4.The Neverending Story-This was my first glimpse at Fantasy films and I still really enjoy the films.
5.Labyrinth-Another fantastic Fantasy film,this had a great Soundtrack thanks to one of the Stars-David Bowie.

Help Dora Help

This week I had the opportunity to interview the Nick Jr. presenter Helena Dowling.  As some of you may already be aware Helena presents Nick Jr.’s Wake Up World-The early morning Pre-school TV segment featuring favourite shows such as Peppa Pig, Humf, Ben and Holly and Dora the Explorer. Helena is currently the face of the Help Dora Help campaign,supported by The Princes Foundation for Children and the Arts  which aims to provide much needed funds to support a Pre-school setting. This campaign is the first of its sort  and there are plans to do similar campaigns in the future.

To qualify the Pre-school setting must first register their details with the campaign .(which is a very easy and straightforward process)

All you have to do is:

1. Fill in the pre-school setting details online (See Nick Jr. link above)

2. Once they receive the discovery and learning activity pack-They must then as a group encourage the children to work together to create a poster of Boots,Dora’s faithful sidekick.

Easy peasy-don’t you think?

The activity pack that will be sent out will encourage all  area’s of the Early Years Curriculum to be explored by way of 6 individual session plans. (All very carefully and professionally put together by The Phoenix consultancy)

A panel of judges including members of the Princes Foundation and Nick Jr. staff will create a shortlist from all entries and they will be left with just 5 Pre-school settings.

The 5 setting that are shortlisted will be filmed by Nick Jr. and there will be a public vote deciding who will receive the top prize. The campaign will award 1 very lucky Pre-School setting  one main award of up to £20,000 ,there will also be 4 runners-up.

Dora the Explorer was chosen as the focal character for the campaign due to her recognition by children as being a fun way to learn new idea’s and to explore different problem solving activities and situations. How many 3-5 year old’s don’t know who Dora is?  As part of the campaign Helena has visited a Pre-school setting to see how they are using the Activity pack with their children.  Helena saw an outside area that had been set up with a Space theme using a Gazebo with lots of pictures of Rockets the children that had made this made a big impression with Helena and the Nick Jr. team.

The campaign is nearing the end of it’s first stage and all entries from Pre-school settings must be received no later than the 22nd July. The  voting and winning stages will be publicised on Nick Jr.

Help Dora Help