Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

As anyone with or who has experience of a teething baby is aware,it is not a pleasant,happy time.Out of my 5 children,my 3 boys have really struggled every time they got another new tooth.You name it I’ve tried it-gels,painkiller syrups,teething rings,teething necklace-made from a chewable material.The Amber teething necklace  is different as it works by the amber releasing minerals (Succinic acid) into the skin which in turn help settle a teething baby by acting as a natural anagaesic.There are knots between each bead so the beads don’t scatter if the necklace was to break and the necklace I bought for Ethan has a screw clasp to secure,which is also made of Amber.An added bonus is that the necklace looks lovely on.I have also seen mentions of them helping children that suffer with Autism and ADHD.If this is true,why have we not heard more about it.I am very much a mum who will give anything a go if I think it will help my child,regardless of how crazy it sounds.My eldest son has Eczema and other allergy related conditions(Asthma and Hayfever aswell as other allergies),we have found that traditional treatments that we receive via prescription do tend to work best,however they don’t cure anything,just help make things more tollerable.In the beginning though I tried Goats milk creams,Aloe Vera gels-they all seemed to help initially but only for the short-term.It is only Ethan’s second day of using his Amber necklace but already I have seen a much happier baby already.Let’s hope this continues to be the case.

Update-Day 4

Today is Ethan’s 4th day using his lovely necklace.I have to admit to forgetting to put it on him until this afternoon.Although it is recommended to remove the necklace at night I don’t feel he has benefited from the full effect today as he has hardly worn it.I would still say that he has been more content,even though he is definitely cutting a tooth and has awful nappy rash.

This post is a personal  recommendation of a product  I have bought.