Affiliate program

For a month I am going to be trying out an affiliate program with LinkShare. It may or may not be something I will continue with.I really don’t know yet.I do want to become more involved with brands and hope this will lead to brands becoming more aware of my blog.I’m still very much a newbie to the whole blogging world and want to learn as much as I can about the whole blogging world.I am looking upon this as an experiment and will let people know the results at the end of the 30 day period.


Shopping trip

Today I had a lovely shopping trip to Southampton,my closest city with my dad and stepmum and my 2 youngest son’s.My dad took my 2 year old to the local indoor playcentre whilst my stepmum and myself got on with some retail therapy with the baby.Our first stop was Tesco at home,where I started buying some uniform for my daughter ready for September.  Then I realised I dint have reins for my very excitable 2 year old so popped into Mothercare and got a wrist strap for him.Next we ventured to the large indoor shopping mall-West Quay and had a look in a couple shops before stopping for a lovely cup of coffee.Whilst sat with the baby while my stepmum got the coffe’s an elderly gentleman asked what I’d done with Dylan (my 2 year old) I froze thinking I’d forgotten a family member or neighbour,it turned out he’d seen(and heard) Dylan trying out the scooters and toys in Tesco’s at home earlier and my son had made a lasting impression. I was actually quite releaved,my memory isn’t good and I was convinced the man was a long lost relative.After our break we visited Gap and Pumpkin Patch-2 stores I very rarely visit and I bought a dress from each shop for my very nearly 4 year old.Both were in the sale.The Gap dress is a turquoise/Greeny colour Maxi dress with stripes and I loved it straight away,especially at a bargain price of £5.99 instead of £15.00.I get a feeling this dress will get lots of wear this summer.The dress from Pumpkin Patch is mainly Yellow with Green and Pinks in it,it has a lovely flowery print and is a gorgeous party dress,although again I can see this being worn a lot.This was reduced to £11.89 from £22.00.  I also bought a thin purple glittery,checked scarf (not the winter type,more of a dress up an outfit type)for my 8 year old daughter and more socks for the baby.Socks are a mystery in our house-we have so many odd ones it’s crazy.I keep all the odd ones in a box and go through it regularly with the hope of finding a few pairs.I swear washing machines and tumble dryers must eat socks,where else can they possibly go? All in all I had a lovely day shopping followed by a fish and chip lunch.Buying matching CARS T-shirts for the 2 youngest boys in Next on the way back to the car.I love shopping and especially when I get some good bargains.I tend to shop online for clothes more often than not these day but this shopping trip has made me realise how nice it is to actually see and feel the clothes before you buy them.

Our bootsale bargains

After a morning of arguments between the oldest 2 kids we finally got to the bootsale at about 11am.As agreed they all ate before we left and we took a few snacks and drinks with us.When we got their,at first glance it looked a bit disapointing but there were at least 30 cars,enough to have a nosy around and find a few bargains.My girls love make-up at the moment and I will only but them items that are girly and aimed at  young girls rather than teenagers.My beautiful redhead is really liking lipgloss at the moment.Today we spent £2.00 on make up and for that we got this little-lot: 4 eyeshadows,3 lipglosses,nail file,eyeshadow brush,2 nail varnished.For my eldest son I got a good bargain A No Fear hoody which was brand new with tags for a fiver and some Yu-gi-oh cards.My 2 year old son got lots of toy cars and a Buzz Lightyear bag and the baby got a door bouncer which only cost me £2.00.I got a Summer dress,skirt and pretty top for my 8 year old,a Waterproof coat for my very nearly 4 year old daughter and a pair of camouflage combags and a coat for my 2 year old son.For myself I got a much needed personal organiser for 50p-Am going to keep this in my handbag and take it everywhere and write down all apointments and events.My theory is that each pregnancy has made my memory even worse,so I was hoping to find a diary or organiser.All in all I did well and spent £25.00.We’ve got a few things planned over the next few weeks and the Bootsale is only on every fortnight so I’m not sure when we’ll get the chance to go again but I’m pleased with today’s bootsale bargains and look forward to next time.

Car boot sales

Tommorow morning I am quite looking forward to going to our local Car Boot Sale with my brood.We havent been to one yet this year so we are looking forward to it.The agreement is that we will all eat well before we go and take drinks and crisps with us as otherwise snacks end up costing us a fortune and we will have no money to buy much when we are there-this happened on a recent day out at a local fundraising event,we spent so much on food and drinks that we couldnt do everything we had hoped.I am always on the lookout for good quality toys,books and clothes whether its from a bootsale,ebay or charity shop.The boot-sale is small but within walking distance,it’s only on for a few months over the Summer,every 2 weeks on a Saturday this year.I am hoping to find some nice bargains whilst I’m there,I love a good bargain or 10.My husband is currently working at weekends which we all find difficult,Sunday aren’t quite so bad as he’s home before they go to bed. What is everyone’s best bootsale bargain? Mine was probably a Double buggy for a fiver a couple years ago.


As a mum of 5,  I am keen to review baby/child orientated products as well as household products,technology products.You name it and I’ll review it.(As long as it’s apropriate for the blog) Please contact me at