Buggy Tug review

Around about Christmas time I came runner up in a photo competition.I won a baby sling,bib,sock-ons,a baby bowl,potty and a Buggy Tug.After using the Buggy Tug for a while I decided (rather foolishly may I add) to use the Buggy Tag like a wrist strap for my now 4 year old daughter.  This isn’t what the Buggy Tug was designed for  and subsequently the Buggy Tug broke at the seam.  I debated for a while over whether or not to contact the people at Buggy Tug for 2 reasons-Firstly it was a competition prize and therefore I hadn’t paid for it so hadn’t lost anything really and Secondly I hadn’t been using it the way in which it was supposed to be used when it broke.  I eventually decided to contact them and mention it as it might show a weakness in the seam/join.Today I received a new and improved version which has the label in a different place and a new stronger fabric.(Which is due to my feedback) I am now glad that I sent my email after all.

The Buggy Tug when used correctly is a great idea.It attaches to the buggy simply via the Velcro strap then it links onto your wrist to stop your Buggy moving without you.  As a parent,I have on occasion had to chase my buggy when I haven’t applied the brake or if I’ve been on a hill or slightly distracted. The Buggy Tug is made of Neoprene so is comfortable to wear. It has also been safety tested.  For customer service I have to say that to take my email this seriously even though I was at fault by not using it as intended I am very impressed to say the least.  I am someone that feels good customer service needs to be praised as often it is only negative feedback that gets notice. I will be using my Buggy Tug with pride whenever I use my Britax B-Dual with my 2 youngest.

Buggy Tug