Rockfords Rock Opera review

When the Rockford’s Rock Opera CD arrived ready for me to review I was pleasantly surprised at the beautiful illustrations on the cover. The Rock Opera consists of 3 separate discs each contain a beautifully decorated box that opens out to show a lyric booklet,the CD and a play list. The special collectors edition set I was sent includes the complete story over 3 discs.The CD’s have been enhanced so they include fantastic CGI animations of the characters.The main character Rockford is a loveable dog with floppy,long ears. On his adventurous journey he meets a wonderful variety of fun characters. We are introduced to Rockford’s friend Moog and Moog’s uncle. Rockford travels to the Island of Infinity by way of the Sea of Tranquility where the last of all extinct species live. Here he meets some magnificent creatures including ; Patrick,Cocklebur Ick,The Sloth,Moa,The Registrar and Great Auk.
The story is educational and teaches children about extinction,wildlife and the environment. There have been links forged with Battersea Dogs Home,the World Wildlife Fund,The Open University,Buglife, and the BCGI as a result. Children will learn a lot from the story of Rockford and his adventures without even realising. The story is fun and the music enhances the whole experience.
I have included images as words alone will not be able to do justice to show how amazing the illustrations are. The music and storyline is fantasy at its very best almost to a point of being surreal. Even though my youngest son,at 8 months old is too young to fully appreciate the storyline he loved the music,as did my 2 year old. My 4 and 8 year old daughters loved listening to the story as well as the music and we listened to it at bedtime over a week instead of their usual bedtime story. Each evening they eagerly anticipated the next installment.
The musical extravaganza was written by the talented Matthew Sweetapple,Steve Punt and Elaine Sweetaple and has recently been made into an Apple iPhone app. The story is recommended for children aged from 5-12 years old but I feel younger children will also enjoy the musical aspect,mine definaitely have done. It is a story that children won’t tire of as it captivates them,they want to know whats going to happen next.
I give a huge Thumbs up to this fantastic and original story and the way it has been put together to create a multimedia experience little ones of all ages will love.