Shopping trip

Today I had a lovely shopping trip to Southampton,my closest city with my dad and stepmum and my 2 youngest son’s.My dad took my 2 year old to the local indoor playcentre whilst my stepmum and myself got on with some retail therapy with the baby.Our first stop was Tesco at home,where I started buying some uniform for my daughter ready for September.  Then I realised I dint have reins for my very excitable 2 year old so popped into Mothercare and got a wrist strap for him.Next we ventured to the large indoor shopping mall-West Quay and had a look in a couple shops before stopping for a lovely cup of coffee.Whilst sat with the baby while my stepmum got the coffe’s an elderly gentleman asked what I’d done with Dylan (my 2 year old) I froze thinking I’d forgotten a family member or neighbour,it turned out he’d seen(and heard) Dylan trying out the scooters and toys in Tesco’s at home earlier and my son had made a lasting impression. I was actually quite releaved,my memory isn’t good and I was convinced the man was a long lost relative.After our break we visited Gap and Pumpkin Patch-2 stores I very rarely visit and I bought a dress from each shop for my very nearly 4 year old.Both were in the sale.The Gap dress is a turquoise/Greeny colour Maxi dress with stripes and I loved it straight away,especially at a bargain price of £5.99 instead of £15.00.I get a feeling this dress will get lots of wear this summer.The dress from Pumpkin Patch is mainly Yellow with Green and Pinks in it,it has a lovely flowery print and is a gorgeous party dress,although again I can see this being worn a lot.This was reduced to £11.89 from £22.00.  I also bought a thin purple glittery,checked scarf (not the winter type,more of a dress up an outfit type)for my 8 year old daughter and more socks for the baby.Socks are a mystery in our house-we have so many odd ones it’s crazy.I keep all the odd ones in a box and go through it regularly with the hope of finding a few pairs.I swear washing machines and tumble dryers must eat socks,where else can they possibly go? All in all I had a lovely day shopping followed by a fish and chip lunch.Buying matching CARS T-shirts for the 2 youngest boys in Next on the way back to the car.I love shopping and especially when I get some good bargains.I tend to shop online for clothes more often than not these day but this shopping trip has made me realise how nice it is to actually see and feel the clothes before you buy them.


Kandee shoes

As a mum of 5,as you can imagine I don’t get many nights out,the internet is my haven to escape from reality as needed.On searching on Facebook,quite by chance I happened upon a website that sells the most incredible shoes.The website is Kandee  –  .

Their shoes are sexy,beauitiful and in no way practical but I’d give up practical to own just 1 pair of these.Their shoes range from sky high stiletto’s to Black patent ballet pumps,they have an incredible range of colours from Pastels to bright Pinks.