A strange visit to the dentist and Hypermobility

Today I went to my new dental surgery.  We were recommended by my mum which impressed me straight away as she’s as much of a wuss (sorry mum-love you lots) as I am about these type of things.  Whilst there I was informed I have flexible joint syndrome and will need to be careful with my joints.  This was quite weird as I have been experiencing problems with my knee over the past couple months and had put off visiting my GP thinking I’d just strained or sprained it somehow.  The dentist apparently suspected this as I have a clicky jaw and confirmed her suspicions with an x-ray.Upon returning home I did my usual thing and did some Googling.I found out that another name for Flexible Joint Syndrome is Hypermobility.It explains a lot and I am now wondering if the SPD I experienced during my last 3 pregnancies was actually SPD or the Hypermobility.My next step is to phone my GP tommorow and get some painkiller’s now that I know it’s not just a strain and get some more information and find out what happens next.  I’m still a bit gobsmacked that a check up at the dentist has solved the mystery of my dodgy knee.  To top it all next time I go to the dentist I have to have a Wisdom tooth removed.


Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

As anyone with or who has experience of a teething baby is aware,it is not a pleasant,happy time.Out of my 5 children,my 3 boys have really struggled every time they got another new tooth.You name it I’ve tried it-gels,painkiller syrups,teething rings,teething necklace-made from a chewable material.The Amber teething necklace  is different as it works by the amber releasing minerals (Succinic acid) into the skin which in turn help settle a teething baby by acting as a natural anagaesic.There are knots between each bead so the beads don’t scatter if the necklace was to break and the necklace I bought for Ethan has a screw clasp to secure,which is also made of Amber.An added bonus is that the necklace looks lovely on.I have also seen mentions of them helping children that suffer with Autism and ADHD.If this is true,why have we not heard more about it.I am very much a mum who will give anything a go if I think it will help my child,regardless of how crazy it sounds.My eldest son has Eczema and other allergy related conditions(Asthma and Hayfever aswell as other allergies),we have found that traditional treatments that we receive via prescription do tend to work best,however they don’t cure anything,just help make things more tollerable.In the beginning though I tried Goats milk creams,Aloe Vera gels-they all seemed to help initially but only for the short-term.It is only Ethan’s second day of using his Amber necklace but already I have seen a much happier baby already.Let’s hope this continues to be the case.

Update-Day 4

Today is Ethan’s 4th day using his lovely necklace.I have to admit to forgetting to put it on him until this afternoon.Although it is recommended to remove the necklace at night I don’t feel he has benefited from the full effect today as he has hardly worn it.I would still say that he has been more content,even though he is definitely cutting a tooth and has awful nappy rash.

This post is a personal  recommendation of a product  I have bought.

Tongue Tied

Does anyone have experience or information about Tongue Tied children that weren’t snipped as babies?I am writing this post after yet another choking experience.My son is now 2 and I feel that he should have had his snipped as a tiny baby.Due to the fact I wasn’t breastfeeding and my lack of information concerning tongue ties,it was not done.I was offered an operation when my son was over 6 months old (After visiting and discussing the choking with my GP)but this would have meant a General Anaesthetic which I personally am not keen on for children under a year unless absolutely necessary.During weaning we had a lot of problems with my son often choking,not gagging on his food.This still happens now and I am convinced my son’s tongue tie is at least partially responsible.I may be wrong but none of my other children have had anything similar happen at any time.The difference is highlighted at the moment as I am currently weaning my 6 month old son and he is managing lumpier food now than that which my 2-year-old could manage at a year old.The main advice from health professionals has been to continue giving lumpy foods and we’ve been told my son is a lazy eater and doesn’t chew well enough.This may well be the case but I feel if I was provided with quality information and an option to have his tongue snipped as a newborn I wouldn’t be so confused.I think that when you are having subsequent children you are left to your own devices by health professionals and problems can be missed.I understand that Health Visitor’s resources are stretched a lot but it would still be good for regular checks to not just be an option,as seem’s to often be the case.

B-Record Plus Review

I was asked to review a new energy supplement recently.B Record Plus is a liquid food supplement.The aim is to provide an ongoing energy boost.It contains no caffeine and aids your metabolism.This makes it perfect for busy mum’s like me.You are advised to take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.The first thing I noticed was the taste,it comes in Wild Cherry flavour(I had thought it was Vanilla initially),which was a very pleasant surprise. I really enjoyed the taste.Unlike energy drinks it didn’t leave a strange taste in your mouth afterwards and didn’t leave that gassy sensation you experience after having fizzy drinks.I was amazed at how small the product was.

I always seem to have a slump after doing the school runs and the difference whilst trialing B-Record Plus was obvious.I had more energy and my concentration seemed better than usual after just 2 days.When I’d normally just sit down with a coffee and have some biscuits I found myself getting up and doing something instead.Usually housework related or playing with the kids.

B-Record plus is aimed at people needing an energy boost such as:

.         Busy mums
·         Mothers recovering from having a baby
·         People moving house
·         People sitting exams
·         People recovering from an injury
·         Business people working under intense pressure
The product is suitable for use for people over 12 years of age.The product is suitable for vegetarians and it does not contain any gluten, wheat, lactose, fish or artificial colours.The product is intended to be used on a daily basis,it is absorbed into the body immediately.

Nell McAndrew is the face of B-Record Plus and she has made a number of video’s which can be found on You-tube,talking about the benefits of nutrition,de-stressing and exercise:http://www.youtube.com/user/BRecordPlus?feature=mhee

I have to say the whole trial has made me take a look at my overall health and fitness,I need to cut down on coffee and increase my intake of water-I know I’ll find this difficult,I never have been one to drink much water.I’m trying to cut down on the whole families junk food intake.Especially sweets,biscuits and crisps.I am upping our fruit and veg intake too.So far so good,I’m also trying not to rely on too many processed food’s and cook more from scratch.

B-Record plus was developed by Pharmaceutical company Sigma-Tau and can be bought online from:  http://www.brecordplus.com/   for £12.99 for a 10 day supply.

I didn’t experience any negative effects from the trial and would recommend the product to anyone that like me lacks a bit of get up and go on occasion.

How on earth do I keep glasses on my two year old son?

Today I had a trip to the local eye unit to pick up my two year old son’s first pair of glasses.So far he has taken them off so many times that I’ve lost count.As advised I’m not getting annoyed or cross and don’t put them straight back onto him.I wait a few minutes then try again.It must feel strange for him to suddenly have these odd uncomfortable things put on his nose with strap-type things that go behind his ears.I have worn glasses since I was his age and had hoped my atrocious eyesight wouldnt be inherited,unfortunately so far 3 out of my 5 children have to wear glasses all the time and my eldest needs them for close -up work such as reading,watching television and using a computer. Whilst at the eye unit we also picked up my daughter’s new pair.She’s almost 4 and this is her 3rd new pair in about a year,she has broken each pair quickly.I’m not sure if the broken glasses are due to her disliking them or the fact that the glasses aren’t child-proof enough.The new pair she chose have flexible hinges,which,I am hoping will be better.How on earth am I supposed to keep glasses on a 2 year old? In my opinion the only thought I have is that when he chooses to wear his glasses he will,I just need to persevere and hope it happens sooner rather than later.The thing I am now dreading is he will,in a few months need a patch on his glasses.Think I need to get him watching Pirates of the Caribbean and hope for the best.

Weight loss after pregnancy

As a busy mum of 5 I expected to be back in my size 10 skinny jeans not long after having my baby.With my previous pregnancies the only time I had trouble losing the weight was after my first pregnancy.That said,even though I worked as a Special needs assistant at a Special need school until my 37th week,there is only so many cakes you can eat before they take there toll.I put on approximately 3 and a half-4 stone during my first pregnancy and naively believed the weight would just drop off.It did eventually,after about a year.With my 2nd,3rd and 4th pregnancies I gained less weight during the pregnancies and lost the weight within 2-3 months,thanks to running around after the kids and walking a lot.I gave up smoking before my 5th pregnancy so had gained a bit of weight then fell pregnant and put on just under 3 stone,this time it is proving to be more of a challenge to lose the weight.I also need to tone up my arms and tummy.I have bought an ab belt as I don’t have the time or money to go to a gym and am currently considering either the Zumba Wii game or DVD.This past year,although I have had preschool runs to do,my husband has picked our daughter up when able to do so and I have walked a lot less than ever before.This seems to prove how I have stayed slim for so many years,I’m not big by any means and probably not overweight but I am feeling extremely unfit and feel I need to do something.I do not like diets,and am not obsessed by weighing myself as have had bad experiences in the past.I don’t even own a set of scales and haven’t done for years.I now go by the fit of my clothes and my wobbly bits.I try to eat a balanced diet.My worst vices are biscuits and coffee.I know I need to drink more water and eat more fruit,I buy lots of fruit but usually leave it for the kids.I am determined to loose my muffin top and tone up.I have a feeling that in September when my daughter starts school I’ll loose more weight as I’ll be walking more again as I’ll have 2 different school runs to do at opposite ends of the village and then in January my son starts pre-school so I’ll be backwards and forwards a lot.

Please check out this post which further explores a similar theme- http://dollysanddaydreams.blogspot.com/2011/05/to-diet-or-not-to-diet.html

Teething Bling

Lovely colour

I was excited to hear I was going to be sent a Teething Bling necklace  for my first review.I was immediately struck by what a great yet simple idea it was. When I received this through the post to review I was immediately impressed with how well it was presented. The necklace came in a lovely Organza draw string bag  with a business card and pen.  When I took it out however I was disappointed by the fastener ,I understand it’s purpose is to come apart easily,however I feel it lets the overall look of the product down a bit.  I loved the colour and shape of the Pendant and have worn it out of the house a couple of times.It is similar to jewellery I have worn in the past.My eldest son broke my favourite gold chain when he was little and as a result I haven’t often wore necklaces when I have had young children around..I had a couple strange looks when gave it to my baby to put in his mouth though. That is until I explained the purpose.

I have 5 children and over the years I have tried so many different teething products. My youngest son is 5 months old and during our trial period he cut his second bottom tooth.He had a good chew a couple of times but only if I held it for him,he showed more interest in the cord than the pendant initially.After a few times with mummy holding the pendant while he had a good gnaw,he got the hang of it and it did seem to offer immediate comfort.I love the fact that it can go in the dishwasher,was slightly concerned the colour might fade or come out onto other items-it didn’t though.I felt a different shape might make it easier for him to hold .They do sell bracelets to match which I am considering buying.The main benefit of the necklace is that you can wear something pretty and at the same time help your child cope with the pain often associated with teething.The downside was the fastener.The price is very reasonable for a multi-use product . Plenty of potential to expand a great idea.All in all I loved the product and have already recommended it to other mums in my area.I’d give the product 9/10.A great idea but still needs a little work to make it perfect.To find out more about Teething Bling check out their website at :http://www.smartmumuk.com/

This review is purely my own words and opinion.I have not been paid or influenced by anyone or told what to say.

4 hours to save 4 million lives: Take Action

4 hours to save 4 million lives: Take Action.  Please follow the link and sign the petition