After school clubs and differences amongst siblings.

My children have tried a number of after school clubs over the years-Rainbows,Ballet and Cubs.None of which they have stuck at.It has worked out quite expensive to kit them out for something they don’t stick with.These days we are very fortunate as the Junior school that my eldest son and daughter attend run various different activities at lunchtime or as an after school club.All have been free of cost and my children,my daughter especially have got a lot out of.My eldest two are very different.My son enjoys indoor activities mainly,like chess,reading,watching television or playing on his computer.My daughter is completely the opposite she is and always has been a very active child with a natural talent for sports.She is currently doing a Tap dancing after school club run by her school and has previously done Tag rugby and cross country.I can’t wait to watch her at sports day this year.Whilst on holiday we had a scare with her in the swimming pool,she had gone out of her depth and nearly drowned.It was an awful experience so I’m hoping to be able to get her onto a swimming lesson course soon.I know she’ll do well and be swimming in no time.I look forward to seeing the younger 3 of my children develop abilities and talents.Currently my almost four year old daughter is very bright and very keen to learn,she loves drawing and painting and concentrates very well,unlike her big sister.My two year-old’s current obsessions are Cars,Trains,Motorbikes and Buzz Lightyear.He likes being out and about,especially at the park,indoor play centre or our garden.He does not enjoy shopping unless it’s for toys.Last but by no means least is my darling baby boy at 5 and a half months old he is turning into a cheeky chap and is very much a people person,he especially has an eye for the ladies.Like his 2 year old brother he has Blonde hair and huge Blue eyes which get him lots of attention.I look forward to seeing my children’s different personalities develop as they get older.


Voting competitions

Hello everyone,I hope you are enjoying the blog.I’d like to touch upon a subject that seems to divide the comping community and I’d love to hear from people both for and against them.I have participated in a couple recently but wish I hadn’t as the negative comments have started.I would prefer competitions which didnt include any voting or liking element at all but if there is a good one I will participate if I can be bothered.My opinion is that its a case of each to their own-I rarely win voting comps but am happy to help my comping buddies.Please share you’re own thoughts with me.