A strange visit to the dentist and Hypermobility

Today I went to my new dental surgery.  We were recommended by my mum which impressed me straight away as she’s as much of a wuss (sorry mum-love you lots) as I am about these type of things.  Whilst there I was informed I have flexible joint syndrome and will need to be careful with my joints.  This was quite weird as I have been experiencing problems with my knee over the past couple months and had put off visiting my GP thinking I’d just strained or sprained it somehow.  The dentist apparently suspected this as I have a clicky jaw and confirmed her suspicions with an x-ray.Upon returning home I did my usual thing and did some Googling.I found out that another name for Flexible Joint Syndrome is Hypermobility.It explains a lot and I am now wondering if the SPD I experienced during my last 3 pregnancies was actually SPD or the Hypermobility.My next step is to phone my GP tommorow and get some painkiller’s now that I know it’s not just a strain and get some more information and find out what happens next.  I’m still a bit gobsmacked that a check up at the dentist has solved the mystery of my dodgy knee.  To top it all next time I go to the dentist I have to have a Wisdom tooth removed.