Inspirational Quotes

I have to admit that I am a huge fan of Inspirational quotes.They seem to sum up what other’s,including myself feel in such a perfect yet simple manner. One I’d like to mention today is:
Children will not remember you for the material things you provided but for the feeling that you cherished them.Richard L. Evans
I am a firm believer that it is time and memories,not material possesions that children will remember. I am not a person highly motivated by money,is this a good or bad thing? I’m not quite sure to be honest. I do feel that this has encouraged my children to be less greedy when it comes to material wealth and they are more grateful for the treats and presents they do receive. As with many parents I’d love to be able to give my children everything their hearts desired,however,I know that realistically this will not make them the type of children I want them to be.

Another one of my favourite quotes is:
“Parents hold their children’s hands for a while, their hearts forever.” Unknown author.<a

In my opinion it sums up our purpose as parents-to nurture and guide our children to the best of our ability. I feel lucky and proud to have the opportunity to be a mother to my 5 amazing children,they have taught me so much and I continue to learn more every day I am with them.I have become more patient (slightly) since having children,I am definitely a better cook now than before I had children. I will attempt to achieve any task I am set to the best of my ability. Before having my children I felt lost. I didn’t have a Career,I went from one job to another and to be quite honest from one bad relationship to another. Having my son gave me a priority and focus I hadn’t had before. I hope my children will have more of a focus than I did. I really did feel lost for a long time.
I hope my children will make the most of opportunities they are given in life. People have asked me before who my inspirations are and to be honest my answer these days is “my children” They give me an inner strength that makes me feel strong and proud.I look forward to watching their achievements in life no matter how big or small they may be.