Learning to drive

For years I have put off learning to drive but am determined that once hubby’s people carrier is back on the road I am going to restart lessons.I had a couple a few years back,which got me over my initial fear of driving a car.I am convinced my fear of driving dates back to the first time I went abroad as a child.We had gone to Majorca and ended up having a car accident,I can still remember it as if it was yesterday.The hire car was a complete write off  but luckily nobody was hurt but it left a lasting impression that has had a huge effect.I am now 35 years old,have 5 children and haven’t learnt to drive.This year I aim to change that.Having a drivers licence and my own car would be like a new lease of life for me,it would give hubby some much needed rest and enable me to take the children out and about a lot easier.We could go to the forest or beach when the older ones are at school or visit family and friends without the “joyful” experiences of Public transport.Now my main decision is whether to take lessons on a weekly basis or to try to save for an intensive course.