Mixed Blessings CD Review

The opportunity to review a CD of soothing,relaxing music was too good an opportunity to miss. The composer of Mixed Blessings is Sheena Coote ;a semi-professional composer,wife and mum of 1. Sheena wrote the music with her daughter in mind after she had trouble getting her to sleep. She found that by using soothing music as part of her bedtime routine it had a soothing effect. Sheen a has an extensive musical background beginning when she started piano lessons at the tender age of 3,composing began when she put her poems to music when she was just 5 years old. Sheena has written a successful musical which has run both in Edinburgh and the West End. She is currently in the process of writing a second musical. Sheena was a runner up in the UK song writing competition with her song “Messin”

Sheena Coote

Currently we have experienced no end of problems settling my 2 youngest children at bedtime. We had tried a strict bedtime routine of food,wind down time,bath then bed to no avail. My 2-year-old is at the stage where he is becoming afraid of the dark and doesn’t want to be left,this in turn upsets his younger brother. It’s like a circle settle them down,2-year-old screams,wakes 7 month old,both wide awake until they are both exhausted or we give in and bring 2-year-old down.The first night,I sat in the room with the boys,calmed them both down and put the CD on. Baby started swaying side by side like he usually does when music is playing and after 5 minutes was sound asleep. It didn’t have such a good effect upon my rather manic 2-year-old but there was a noticeable improvement and I will be incorporating the CD into their bedtime routine.

Mixed Blessings CD Cover

The Album’s line up:
4.Angel’s kisses
5.Mixed Blessings
6.Little Dance
7.Happy Hearts
9.Sprightly nightly
10.Song of hope
11.Place called love.
Each time I listened to the Album I seemed to have a new favourite,I wouldn’t be able to choose 1 but my favourites at the moment include Sonatina,Elation and Farewell.The music seemed almost magic to me and I could see it being featured in a fantasy film. Sprightly nightly would be good for a chase scene.
I felt that the music would be fantastic background music for a film and it reminded me slightly of the music from Twilight. The music helped me feel less stressed and helped me to relax and unwind aswell as the boys which was a bonus.I can also imagine the music being used in the background of a documentary.
The album can be downloaded from itunes.