HCT Desire S

As hoped,I will soon be the very proud owner of a new phone. Snuko(http://www.facebook.com/Snuko) have been incredibly fast,friendly yet professional with all of their communication and have informed me today that the phone has already been sent by Recorded delivery.Wow,super speedy,I am impressed.Snuko is a company that has developed an incredible piece of Anti-theft and data recovery software. The purpose of the software is to encrypt data if your device is stolen so your information can’t be seen by others.Also,it has a special feature which can track where your device is upto a distance of 10 metres.This software will be included on my new phone.My current phone is a HTC Wildfire and I love the way it work’s.Hubby will be having that one and I’ll be having fun getting to grips with my HTC Desire S.

Further information can be found on their website:http://www.snuko.com