Choosing a name for your child

This is a subject every parent has at least some experience of.How do people choose a name for their child? Before I had my eldest son(now 11 ) titanic was a big film,as a result he is called Jack(Would have been Kayla if he’d have been a girl), along with many more boys than I ever expected.Jack was the most popular boys name for a long time,before and after my son was born.When I had my 2nd child,she was originally going to be called Jade but I went off that name so asked my son,who was 2 at the time to think of some names-he chose Amy,I now have a beautiful 8-year-old daughter called Amy(She would have been Thomas if she was a boy).My 3rd child is Faith,a name I will always love and it really suits her,she has dark Red/Auburn hair and has a magnetic personality to match.We decided upon that name after reading it in a baby name book,it was set out alphabetically and was the first name that both my husband and I liked. My 4th child is Dylan(Had he been a girl he would have been called Lexie),the name we chose for Faith had she been a boy and our youngest is Ethan.(He’d have been called Destiny had he been a girl)All except for my eldest have middle names and Faith has 2 middle names.I like names that can’t be shortened as I am Nicola but have always been known as Nick or Nicki.Even Faith gets called Faithy though and Amy gets called Ames.Each of my children have nicknames which I have given them when they were tiny.We have Pickle,Pickalily,Poopsters,Doodle bug and Spud.How have you chosen names and do you have nicknames for your children? I’d love to know.