10 Things I love about you

1.That you are so ticklish that you end up almost crying with laughter but don’t tell me to stop.(I only do it for the incredible sound of your giggles)

2.I know you so well that I can tell if you are upset,worried about something,lying or keeping something from me.

3.I always get plenty of hugs and kisses,even you – my big 11 year old boy.

4.How kind and caring you all are to each other.

5.How you don’t constantly ask or expect things and genuinely appreciate everything you do have

6.That you are all still so very innocent and naive.(I wish you could all stay that way forever)

7.You create havoc and then when I point this out,you all look at me as if you have no idea how it happened.

8.How each of you are very different in so many ways yet similar in others eg Sounding alike,different hobbies,looking similar yet having completely different temperaments.

9.How much I miss each of you when I’m not with you.(My eldest goes to his dad’s every other weekend and has done for over 9 years now and it will never stop feeling weird when he’s not here)

10.How each of you are growing and learning and achieving so much,you make me proud every day.I love you all very much.

To my 5 fantastic children Jack,Amy,Faith,Dylan and Ethan

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