Mam multiple product review

I have been sent 4 products by Mam to review.

They are:

1.Mam Dummy– This was great as it stays in longer as there’s nothing for baby to grab hold of to pull out as there is with most dummies.It’s an orthodontic shaped teat so doesn’t affect tooth growth.It is 60% thinner and 3 times softer than the average Dummy on the market.  It also has large ventilation holes to allow air to circulate and therefore create less/no irritation to the skin.  The Dummy comes with it’s own “Mam Perfect box” which can be used to sterilise the Dummy in the microwave -just add water,insert the Dummy and microwave for 3 minutes.My son took to this Dummy quickly and it looks like I’ll soon have to get him some spares.He has been teething whilst using this Dummy and as a result has a tendency to chomp on his Dummies,as yet this one has not broken or been chewed through.

2.Mam Baby Bottle-This bottle was great for my 6 month old son as it has handles he can hold.He has just turned 7 months and is at the age where he so desperately want to become a bit more independent and having the handles to hold onto has helped this.The seal around the teat was really good,unlike some of  the bottles I have been using by a brand I used for years that decided to change everything.In my opinion if something’s not broke,don’t fix it.I hate fiddling about with a separate insert in my bottles.The Mam bottles are easier to use,a great shape and look stylish. The bottle is free from BPA,has a variable flow teat and also includes a soft spout.

3.Mam Sports Bottle-Non-spill. For my 2 year old son,this has been great-he’s not quite ready to use a cup,we’ve tried but he doesn’t like to sit still when he’s drinking. This sports bottle is great as it’s hard wearing,unlike some sports I’ve bought in the past.It has been put through its paces in the dishwasher,dragged around the garden,been to the park,had his bedtime milk in it so I could see how easy it was to clean.It passed every test with flying colours it comes apart easily and even has a seal which can be taken off to ensure a deep clean.

4.Mam teether– My 6 month old son has recently cut his 4th tooth,this one was a big front,top tooth and we had a bit more whingeing despite his Teething necklace.  The teether design is great as being circular he can hold onto it easily.He manages to put it into his mouth and have a good gnaw as he needs it. The Teether can be placed in the fridge for 1 hour so the cold will help soothe tender gums,my little one loves this.

In my honest opinion I have found all these products strong,sturdy and good value for money.



After seeing all the current buzz concerning Sodastream I decided to contact them direct and ask for one to review.  I had decided that if I didn’t receive a reply within 10 days then I’d treat the kids to one anyway. However I was fortunate and Sodastream kindly agreed.  My philosophy is if you don’t ask you don’t get and so far I’m doing Ok.

When the Sodastream arrived it was packaged in a recyclable box.The unit consists of a plastic frame,a Gas cylinder and I also received 3 different flavours to use-Cherry,Lemonade and Raspberry and Cranberry.  The unit I received is a Limited edition as part of the World without bottles campaign and is called Jet.

  • Each of the single 500ml containers of Sodastream concentrate produces 12 litres of soft drink and each of these can replace 24 500ml PET bottles  (This information comes direct from Sodastream)

Sodastream,as part of this campaign will donate money to the One to One project for each unit that is sold.  The money raised will go towards building Water Wells in Kenya and for each unit sold the donation from Sodastream will enable one person in Kenya to have clean drinking water for a year.

I,had expected it to be a lot more difficult to use than it actually was.  It was a matter of screwing in the gas cylinder,filling the reusable plastic bottle to the fill line with tap water,adding a capfull of flavoured syrup,screwing in the bottle then pressing the button a couple times then voila- you have you’re fizzy drink.  My kids love watching me do it. It does take a bit of practice to figure out how fizzy to make the drink and how many times you need to press the button to get it just right.

Out of the 3 flavours I was provided  for the purpose of this review our favourite is the Cherry.  The Lemonade is nice but a more subtle taste as you’d expect from Lemonade.  The Cranberry and Raspberry is a light flavour and whilst it was Ok, for some reason I couldn’t get it as fizzy as I wanted.   I am going to buy extra flavours soon though.  I do quite fancy trying Cola.

All in all I’d recommend this Sodastream maker to anyone that enjoys fizzy drinks.


Today I received my pair of Hotpants from   .Yippee.I have been eagerly waiting for their arrival for the past couple weeks.The main aim of these shorts is to increase perspiration and flush out toxins and fat cells.The big claim is that it CAN help you to lose 2 jeans sizes in just 2 weeks.I’m not a runner or someone who goes to the gym.However as a mum of 5 I am active and am hoping these will help me lose some inches.I have taken photo’s today and will take another photo on day 7,then again on day 14.I am also going to record my thigh,waist and hip measurements.Today they are:Waist 33.5 inches,Hips 38 inches and thighs:22.5 inches.

When I first took the shorts out of the packet and put them on I felt a bit depressed initially as I couldn’t do them up without my husband help.My measurements also surprised me.So did my Muffin top.I had realised that since having my 5th child on Christmas Eve 2010 I hadn’t lost the baby weight as quickly as I had with my previous pregnancies.My tummy,hips and thighs are my problem area’s.Even if I only lose 1 dress size and a couple of inches overall I will be satisfied,although I am going to try my best to go the whole hog and aim for the 2 dress sizes.I am currently between a size 12 and 14-a size 10 would be a good aim.

The Hotpants,once I am zipped in are very comfortable.I soon felt the heat and am glad it is a cooler day today.They remind me of a wetsuit with the look and fit.I love the way that already they make my bum and thighs look amazing.

Day 7-Measurements-Waist-32.5 inches,Hips 37.5 inches and thighs-19 inches – Wow,I am impressed.I had expected to have lost more from my hips as my love handles look and feel smaller,my waist seem’s to have more of a definition and I knew my thighs must have lost a fair amount as my jeans were baggier.I haven’t done anything drastic,am as active as I usually am and have worn the Hotpants for a total of aproximately 30 hours spread over the week.I might try wearing them out and about more if the weather is nice over the next week.I’d like to loose a bit more off my waist and hips so am going to try to be more active.

Day 14 Measurements-Waist-32 inches,Hips 37 inches and Thighs 17 inches– I have been ill this week so had no idea whether this will reflect true measurements as I’ve not eaten as well as usual or been as active and I also haven’t worn my HotPants as much as I have done previously. That said, I’m still extremely happy with my results over the 2 week trial period and will continue to wear them on a regular basis.Will add the last set of photo’s a bit later for you all to see.

Real nappies (reuseable) V’s disposable nappies

I have been given the opportunity to trial “Real” nappies with my two youngest children.I am a fan of disposables and hadn’t ever seriously considered reusable nappies before.I do like the idea of reusable nappies but the time factor puts me off,as well as the washing of the Poohy nappy factor if I’m really honest.I’m not going to mention any brands until I have given the nappies a good trial and had a chance to evaluate them fully.Any hints,tips or general advice concerning how best to use reusable nappies would be greatly appreciated.Wish me luck.

Teen Bling necklace review

Amy at the funday trying out her Teen Bling

Amy,my 8 year old daughter has recently taken part in a product review for Teen Bling.The product comes from ,the team behind Teething Bling.The necklace she received was called Verry Berry Pink -a very good start and was Berry scented.The first day she wore the necklace we were at a local funday. She received lots of compliments,from family members and her friends.She finds it comfortable to wear,unlike beaded jewellery it doesn’t get caught up in her hair.She has to have a tooth removed tommorow and is going to wear her necklace when she goes to show her dentist.The cord is the same as on the Teething Bling necklace I have previously reviewed.It has a breakaway safety clasp and the pendant is made of the same material.My daughter loves the colour and style of the necklace  and the scent is an added bonus.She’d wear it everywhere given the chance.Teen Bling costs from £12.95 for the necklace we were sent and prices start at £8.95 for Bracelets,or you can choose a gift set of necklace and bracelet,prices for these start at £19.95. I feel this is a good price for a well made product that will definitely last longer than most of my daughters’ other items of fashion jewellery.

B-Record Plus Review

I was asked to review a new energy supplement recently.B Record Plus is a liquid food supplement.The aim is to provide an ongoing energy boost.It contains no caffeine and aids your metabolism.This makes it perfect for busy mum’s like me.You are advised to take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.The first thing I noticed was the taste,it comes in Wild Cherry flavour(I had thought it was Vanilla initially),which was a very pleasant surprise. I really enjoyed the taste.Unlike energy drinks it didn’t leave a strange taste in your mouth afterwards and didn’t leave that gassy sensation you experience after having fizzy drinks.I was amazed at how small the product was.

I always seem to have a slump after doing the school runs and the difference whilst trialing B-Record Plus was obvious.I had more energy and my concentration seemed better than usual after just 2 days.When I’d normally just sit down with a coffee and have some biscuits I found myself getting up and doing something instead.Usually housework related or playing with the kids.

B-Record plus is aimed at people needing an energy boost such as:

.         Busy mums
·         Mothers recovering from having a baby
·         People moving house
·         People sitting exams
·         People recovering from an injury
·         Business people working under intense pressure
The product is suitable for use for people over 12 years of age.The product is suitable for vegetarians and it does not contain any gluten, wheat, lactose, fish or artificial colours.The product is intended to be used on a daily basis,it is absorbed into the body immediately.

Nell McAndrew is the face of B-Record Plus and she has made a number of video’s which can be found on You-tube,talking about the benefits of nutrition,de-stressing and exercise:

I have to say the whole trial has made me take a look at my overall health and fitness,I need to cut down on coffee and increase my intake of water-I know I’ll find this difficult,I never have been one to drink much water.I’m trying to cut down on the whole families junk food intake.Especially sweets,biscuits and crisps.I am upping our fruit and veg intake too.So far so good,I’m also trying not to rely on too many processed food’s and cook more from scratch.

B-Record plus was developed by Pharmaceutical company Sigma-Tau and can be bought online from:   for £12.99 for a 10 day supply.

I didn’t experience any negative effects from the trial and would recommend the product to anyone that like me lacks a bit of get up and go on occasion.

Smart Trike recliner

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The lovely people at:  arranged for me to try out a Smart Trike Recliner with my two youngest children.Needless to say I was very happy by this news.My two-year old loves anything that has wheels and my 5 month old loves anything that enables him to be upright.In my eyes that ticks off two big requirements.Mookie are the Smart Trike distributors for Smart Trike in the UK  and can be found on Facebook-  or via their website-  The I’m not sure how my darling two-year old will cope having to share but I’m sure he’ll enjoy the trike nonetheless.

I decided I was going to put the trike together myself as it look pretty straightforward and I even found a lovely video on the Smart Trike website that shows exactly what to do.It can be found at : The demonstration made it look so easy.I did manage to follow the instructions untill I had to put the handlebars on,this required the use of a Phillips head screwdriver to undo 2 small screws,this proved to be easier said than done.I had after an hour or so  of trying to undo the screws rang the helpline number and was greeted by a very friendly lady who took my details and said she’d get someone to ring me as soon as possible.Eventually after a couple of hours of non-child friendly rants I had completed the trike and typically the phone rang shortly afterwards.It was reassuring to know that this level of support is available and I will be looking for this from now on when buying toys for my children.

From the moment I took the parts out of the box my two-year old kept repeating   “My bike,my bike mummy.” As soon as it was up and ready to go I positioned the seat correctly(it has a recliner function so younger children can also use it) and put my excited two year old on ready for our first expedition.It was raining so was the perfect opportunity to try out the raincover that comes with it.The raincover is better than the one I have with my double buggy and such a good idea.My very excited 2-year-old was massively impressed and every time he see’s the trike he want’s to go on it again.Eventually,my almost 6 month old was allowed a go on the Trike and even  though the Trike was in recline position,my little man wanted to be sat forward holding onto the handlebars.To enable a better fit for a younger child 2 separate supports are added to ensure a more snug fit,they can be added and removed to the seat unit easily.After a few days use of the Trike on various surfaces and settings we give the Smart Trike a big thumbs up and I’d recommend it for any child from 6 months old-aprox 3 years old due to the multiple positions of the foot rests,support units and parent handle.The bonus for me is that my 2 year old is at the point where he doesn’t want to be in a buggy anymore but he’s quite happy to be pushed along in the Smart Trike or walk next to the Smart Trike whilst his brother’s in it using a wrist strap.