The end is nigh

The Summer is almost over,that’s if it ever really started in the first place. I spent a couple hours at the park on Friday with my 5 children,my friend,2 boys she child-minds and her own daughter,it was great fun,the kids all played nicely together. After a couple hours letting the kids run about and use up some of their never-ending energy supply we went back to my friends’ house for lunch. I have to admit that to get 5 children out of the house and organised has become a military operation and I’m starting to wonder what it will be like next week. Last year was by far the easiest year I’ve had in regards to the school run. My eldest son was at the same school as his sister so they walked together,meaning I only had to do preschool runs. It was lovely but as they say all good thing come to an end and this year will be mayhem. My eldest will need to be at the bus stop for 7.45am,meaning he’ll need to be up earlier than ever before-that in itself will be fun. He’s enjoyed staying in bed late most mornings over the summer.
On Monday I have a last minute dash to our local city centre to get school shoes for my 8 year old daughter. This year,due to having more at school I have staggered the uniform and shoe shopping. I am just hoping we’ll find a nice pair that she likes that fit her. We are also going to the cinema to use our tickets we got from trading in our Clubcard points. As a larger sized family we had,until this year only tended to go to the cinema occasionally,now thanks to Clubcard rewards and Sky rewards we have already been a couple times this year. A couple weeks ago my husband took my son to watch Cowboys and Aliens.They had a great time and the money saved on tickets meant they could treat themselves to a Hot Dog and Coke each.
Our only decision now is what film to see,its going to be a girls day out,just me and my daughters aged 4 and 8. I’m really looking forward to it. The girls are keen on watching The Smurfs. I loved The Smurfs as a child but am not sure about a film version,that said, I love the 2 Alvin and the Chipmunk films and didn’t mind the Yogi Bear film which we watched over the Summer.


What happened to our summer?

Well,only 9 days and September will be here.I am doing pretty well with the back to school things that I need.I still need underwear for the kids and 2 pairs of school shoes,then I think we are done. This year,after an awful shopping trip last year with 4 kids and whilst being 6 months pregnant,I have decided to get everything in dribs and drabs rather than just 1 shopping trip and I have to say it has actually been a million times less stressful. At the best of times shopping anywhere for anything with 5 children can be a nightmare. Add that to a very busy city centre with lots of other harassed parents and there is my idea of hell. Last week I took my eldest son out to get new school shoes and trainers,only to find out he is now in between a size 9 and 9 and a half in mens shoes. I don’t think it will be long before he towers over me and I’m not tiny at a respectable 5 foot 7. My brothers’ are both tall-over 6 foot and Jacks dad is aprox 5 foot 10.
I recently bought the kids a 5 foot easy up paddling pool,but due to the bad weather we have yet to try it out.I was so excited,thought I’d found a real bargain-it was £13 including postage,it was originally £23 including postage,so I was feeling quite pleased with myself. That was until we went food shopping and I saw it on sale for a fiver. Oh well.I am hoping the kids will get the chance to use it before they go back to school. I really can’t believe how fast this so-called summer of ours’ has gone and really hope we have a couple nice days yet to come. Yesterday we went to a BBQ at my dads and luckily after a rather wet start to the day,the sun came out and it ended up being a beautiful day.
This week we have trips to the eye unit for 2 and 4-year-old,they wont be too impressed as 2-year-old is still refusing to wear his glasses for more than a few minutes at a time. I made a couple batches of cakes today,1 lot was a basic fairy cake with raisins added to it-the kids have loved these and the 2nd lot were double chocolate chip cakes. I love baking but am not a natural and it seems to be a case of trial and error. For example anything I make using Baking powder seems to have a strange aftertaste-no idea what I’m doing wrong.
I did have a brilliant recipe for Carrot cake with cream cheese icing which was so good but only 2 of us,mainly me ever ate. At the moment we are teaching my 11-year-old to cook decent meals. He can already cook Spaghetti Bolognese,Lasagne and Chicken Korma with minimal help. I feel it is important to teach my children how to cook a decent meal. I also aim to teach my son how to use a washing machine as I want him to be an independent,modern man in the future.
I hope you are all having a fantastic summer whatever you have been up to.

Shopping for shoes,Bunk beds and room exchange.

Today has been a rather busy day for our family.This morning me and 4 of the kids went to the local city centre on the bus to get my,very nearly 4-year-old some new shoes.Hubby was working from 11-4 so it at least got us out of the house.I love bargains so 1 pair of shoes ended up turning,almost magically into 4 pairs,3  pairs being in the sale.Whilst in the city I bought hubby’s Father’s Day present-Call of Duty Black Ops.I’d planned on getting it for his Christmas present last year but he hadn’t wanted it then.After a succesful half an hour in 2 shops I decided to treat the kids to Macdonald’s for lunch.After lunch we decided to leg it for the next bus which was due in 20 minutes,a feat we accomplished easily with time to spare.Considering the trek to the bus stop involved pushing a double buggy,and 2 full up girls going pretty quickly across a retail park,through a multi storey car park and into a lift then through a supermarket before coming out the other side to our bus stop,I think we did very well.When we got home we had 2 sleeping boys which gave me the chance to pack some clothes into bin bags,take some books and nicknack’s downstairs and prepare for hubby’s return from work.We ordered bunk beds a couple of weeks ago which arrived on Friday and hubby is currently putting them together at this very moment.We have decided to swap our large room for a small room so the 3 boys will have more space,Also,my eldest will be starting Secondary school in September and as the younger boys are so young,he’ll get the chance to have a bit of time to himself and somewhere quiet to do homework.I’ve now seen the time and ordered takeaway.So far our day has been very busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kandee shoes

As a mum of 5,as you can imagine I don’t get many nights out,the internet is my haven to escape from reality as needed.On searching on Facebook,quite by chance I happened upon a website that sells the most incredible shoes.The website is Kandee  –  .

Their shoes are sexy,beauitiful and in no way practical but I’d give up practical to own just 1 pair of these.Their shoes range from sky high stiletto’s to Black patent ballet pumps,they have an incredible range of colours from Pastels to bright Pinks.