2 year old that won’t settle at night

Since moving our 3 boys into the largest room a couple weeks ago we’ve had no end of trouble trying to get our 2 year old to settle at night.It’s almost like he thinks there is too much for him to see and do,so he won’t sleep.We’ve tried putting him up to bed extra early so he can play for a while,reading to him.No matter what we try he wont go to sleep until around 11pm,by which time I’m exhausted.As he is now sharing bunk beds with his older brother our main concern is his safety.He has figured out how to climb up to the top bunk,so now my heart is in my mouth until he finally falls asleep.That and the fact that baby Ethan thinks 6am is now a good time to wake up makes for a very tired mummy.I am just pleased that the insomnia I have suffered with for periods of my adult life is not currently an issue.Mind you I really shouldn’t speak too soon.I might try taking him upstairs to play during the day so his room becomes less of a novelty.It’s worth a try.At this stage I’ll give anything a shot.