Toilet training and growing up

At what age is it best to start toilet training?   Are boys or girls quicker to toilet train?  As a mum of 5 you’d think I’d be an expert by now.I have to admit I’m not.  This is one are which I have found difficult.I have tried all sorts of potties and toilet seats.  I’ve started attempted to start toilet training with all of my children when they reach 2 years old to no avail.  3,has so far been the age when I have successfully managed to toilet train my children.  I think our youngest will probably be earlier though as he wants to copy everything his older siblings do.At 6 months old he is already crawling,sitting up,albeit still wobbling a bit and has stood himself up using the travel cot.  He already has 2 teeth and is doing everything earlier than any of the other children.  My children are growing up so fast.

This September will bring lots of changes for us.My eldest starts Secondary school,he has his induction day tomorrow and I think I’m more nervous than he is.  My main concern is that he’ll have to catch a bus to school and back,will have more responsibilities for dinner money which he’ll be issued a special top up type card which will use his finger print to activate and use.  Clever stuff these days,however I’m a born worrier and my son has previously been a victim of bullies.  The school is a couple of miles away and I don’t drive  = even more of a worried mummy.  My 4-year-old is ready for infants now.She’s had her induction sessions,we have most of her uniform already,all we need now is for September to come.  I’m not in any hurry though as I want to make the most of this summer,who knows next year I could have a hormonal adolescent son.(Glad I’m going through everything with my chilled out son first)