Tongue Tied

Does anyone have experience or information about Tongue Tied children that weren’t snipped as babies?I am writing this post after yet another choking experience.My son is now 2 and I feel that he should have had his snipped as a tiny baby.Due to the fact I wasn’t breastfeeding and my lack of information concerning tongue ties,it was not done.I was offered an operation when my son was over 6 months old (After visiting and discussing the choking with my GP)but this would have meant a General Anaesthetic which I personally am not keen on for children under a year unless absolutely necessary.During weaning we had a lot of problems with my son often choking,not gagging on his food.This still happens now and I am convinced my son’s tongue tie is at least partially responsible.I may be wrong but none of my other children have had anything similar happen at any time.The difference is highlighted at the moment as I am currently weaning my 6 month old son and he is managing lumpier food now than that which my 2-year-old could manage at a year old.The main advice from health professionals has been to continue giving lumpy foods and we’ve been told my son is a lazy eater and doesn’t chew well enough.This may well be the case but I feel if I was provided with quality information and an option to have his tongue snipped as a newborn I wouldn’t be so confused.I think that when you are having subsequent children you are left to your own devices by health professionals and problems can be missed.I understand that Health Visitor’s resources are stretched a lot but it would still be good for regular checks to not just be an option,as seem’s to often be the case.