After seeing all the current buzz concerning Sodastream I decided to contact them direct and ask for one to review.  I had decided that if I didn’t receive a reply within 10 days then I’d treat the kids to one anyway. However I was fortunate and Sodastream kindly agreed.  My philosophy is if you don’t ask you don’t get and so far I’m doing Ok.

When the Sodastream arrived it was packaged in a recyclable box.The unit consists of a plastic frame,a Gas cylinder and I also received 3 different flavours to use-Cherry,Lemonade and Raspberry and Cranberry.  The unit I received is a Limited edition as part of the World without bottles campaign and is called Jet.

  • Each of the single 500ml containers of Sodastream concentrate produces 12 litres of soft drink and each of these can replace 24 500ml PET bottles  (This information comes direct from Sodastream)

Sodastream,as part of this campaign will donate money to the One to One project for each unit that is sold.  The money raised will go towards building Water Wells in Kenya and for each unit sold the donation from Sodastream will enable one person in Kenya to have clean drinking water for a year.

I,had expected it to be a lot more difficult to use than it actually was.  It was a matter of screwing in the gas cylinder,filling the reusable plastic bottle to the fill line with tap water,adding a capfull of flavoured syrup,screwing in the bottle then pressing the button a couple times then voila- you have you’re fizzy drink.  My kids love watching me do it. It does take a bit of practice to figure out how fizzy to make the drink and how many times you need to press the button to get it just right.

Out of the 3 flavours I was provided  for the purpose of this review our favourite is the Cherry.  The Lemonade is nice but a more subtle taste as you’d expect from Lemonade.  The Cranberry and Raspberry is a light flavour and whilst it was Ok, for some reason I couldn’t get it as fizzy as I wanted.   I am going to buy extra flavours soon though.  I do quite fancy trying Cola.

All in all I’d recommend this Sodastream maker to anyone that enjoys fizzy drinks.